ICLW and the Pursuit of Joy

Welcome to everyone from ICLW! I have really been enjoying reading all the blogs from the ALI community participating in this event. There are so many moving and inspiring stories and strong women. You are all so impressive to me.

This blog has been an outlet for the pain of my miscarriage in March, and writing it has been like draining pus from a wound. We’ve had some good news this week, and it has lightened my load a bit (no, not related to getting pregnant). But I also have made the realization that I’d prefer not to have to wait for good news to be happy. I’d like to find happiness in little things. I’m not sure what those little things are yet, but I want to learn to recognize them when I see them and grasp hold of them immediately.

And so, this holiday season, I wish you all joy. Both little joys and big joys.


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19 responses to “ICLW and the Pursuit of Joy

  1. I love this: “I’d like to find happiness in little things. I’m not sure what those little things are yet, but I want to learn to recognize them when I see them and grasp hold of them immediately.”

    And I invite you to join Perfect Moment Mondays. It’s a great way to get support in doing so.

    Nice “meeting” you, J!

    ICLW #9

  2. nh

    I also started by blog after a miscarriage and it’s seen me through more hard times that I care to remember at the moment. I find it a wonderful outlet for my thoughts and feelings.
    I wish you joy and hope.

    Happy ICLW

    • Thanks so much! I tried to post on your blog, but there was some sort of WordPress/blogger problem. Congrats on your upcoming adoption! I hope everything goes smoothly and quickly 🙂

  3. Sarah

    Happy ICLW!!

    I am so sorry for your loss. (((Hugs)))

    I wish you all the happiness in the world for 2011 and that you do find the joy in the small things!!

    ICLW #50

  4. Im so sorry about your miscarriage in March, I had one in April and another over Thanksgiving. Its so hard!!! Today is actually the due date of our first 😦
    I definitely want to try and find anything positive to grasp too, because I have just felt so negative and all of that. You are definitely not alone!!

  5. That’s a wonderful way to live- enjoying what we have at the moment and not always waiting for something else. Happy ICLW!

  6. I, too, am trying to find joy in the little things. I think you put that into words really well. Here from ICLW! Merry Christmas!

  7. Biz

    Happy ICLW!
    While I’m just beginning my ride on this crazy rollercoaster, I already love and appreciate the ALI community more than words can express.
    May you and yours find overwhelming joy this holiday season!

  8. The little things: ICLW, a spoonful of chocolate ice cream, your favorite television show, a good book….they’re out there, even though they seem so hard to find. I really hope you find yours soon! My first visit to your blog, but not my last.

    ICLW #92

  9. So sorry for your loss this year. I hope 2011 brings you much happiness and good health! Happy ICLW!

  10. I wish you joy as well. Thanks for sharing some cheer over here.

  11. That’s a great way to think! Hopefully we can all get there soon! Merry Christmas Eve!

  12. I agree about that hangnail in Black Swan! It was pretty gross watching her pull it all the way back. I wish they would have shown more about her neurosis making her think she was pulling out feathers, although at the end when she really does change, it was so beautiful. Glad you enjoyed the movie as well. Merry Christmas!

  13. What a great philosophy. All the best for 2011.

  14. Michelle Buzgon

    Wishing you lots of little happy things!! I’ve found that finding a way to express gratitude each day has helped me see so much that previously seemed hidden from view.

  15. Beautiful post. I’d like to get to the point where I can find happiness in the little things too. Sorry about your loss – I’ve had some as well. Hope your Christmas was merry. -missohkay ICLW #66

  16. Ants

    Hi jjiraffe, thanks so much for stopping in on my blog 🙂
    How nice to see another giraffe in the blogosphere!
    I’m very sorry for your loss and I’m glad you’ve found some solace in writing a blog, mine has been hugely therapeutic also.
    Hope you have had a lovely christmas, all the best,
    Ants (makingbabygiraffes) ICLW #97

  17. Happy ICLW! I am sorry for your loss … and am exactly with you when you say that you fear you have become “ahedonistic.” I experienced multiple losses, and have been unhappy at work for a while … my joys are in yoga and cooking, but I’ve often got my head stuck so far in the sand that I forget to really experience them. Thanks for the reminder! I love your blog … and your writing style. 🙂

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