Yes, I love fashion. Here’s why:

1. Dressing well boosts self-esteem. After dealing with infertility, I needed a boost.
2. It’s fun!
3. Fashion has actually played an important role in many social changes throughout history. It’s HISTORICAL, Y’ALL!

My “How To Dress” series was prompted by reader questions. Here’s my series so far:

1. How to Dress: The Handbag
2. How to Dress: Color
3. How to Dress: Fit and Proportion
4. How to Dress: Thrifting, Consignment and Reuse
5. How to Dress: Preparing for a Seasonal Change
6. How to Dress: The Maxi Dress
7. How to Dress: Four Steps to Being Plane-Ready!
8. How to Dress: Being a Beauty or Having Fun?
9. How to Dress: Now Taking Requests
10. How to Dress: Vacation Fashion
11. How to Dress: Thanksgiving Week
12. How to Dress, Scarf Edition: The European Knot
13. How to Dress: Personal Style
14. How to Dress: 10 Essential Wardrobe Items
15 How to Dress: 10 Essential Wardrobe Items, Plus-Size Edition
16. How to Dress: Funky and Hip for Work

Have Fashion, Will Travel
1. Fashion, Italian-Style
2. London Fashion

Kids Fashion
1. Then She Decided to Cut Off All Her Hair
2. Little Fish Fry, Kids Edition
3. Family Fashion Show

Have a question about How to Dress? Please leave a comment below!

2 responses to “Fashion!

  1. I run a summer camp for kids for 2 months from mid-June to mid-August so every Monday to Friday I am running around in a field full of kids. Since I am the director and have to speak to parents and even run errands to the bank, etc. during the camp day, I want to look a bit more put together than running shorts and a t-shirt. Any ideas on how to look sort of sporty yet chic?? 🙂 Thanks in advance!!!

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