Fun Fun Fun!

Things have gotten entirely too serious around here, so I have chosen to lighten the mood a bit by writing about things that are fun.

Like, “Fun Fun Fun”, that Beach Boys classic. Growing up, my parents only offered me a few choices of music: classical, the Beatles or the Beach Boys. My dad grew up surfing in Southern California, and he always looked more youthful and carefree to me when he listened to the Beach Boys. So I requested the Beach Boys most frequently. “Fun Fun Fun” makes my think of him, tan and blonde, happily riding waves.

Also, the Nutcracker. My daughter is just starting to show that extreme fascination with ballet that I also possessed as a girl. Today we watched a Russian production of the iconic ballet on DVD and attempted pirouettes and high leaps. Ballet was the only “sport” I was ever really talented at and watching the beautiful dancers jump higher and higher (some of them had to be on wires) with my equally appreciative daughter was so joyful. I know it’s currently en vogue among the ballet elite to look down on The Nutcracker as common and overproduced in America. Eff that noise.

Finally, my beloved brother and his lovely wife are coming to stay with us for a week. My family all moved away and deserted me (as I like to tell them, dripping with guilt). I don’t see them enough and I can’t wait for them to arrive.

So, take that bad economy and scary job markets!

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