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Day 40: The Stoics Can Stuff It

Right now, I’m not feeling the stoics. I’m wondering if there’s maybe something in the male DNA that responds more to a philosophy which espouses this:

“Our lack of confidence doesn’t come from difficulty; the difficulty comes from our lack of confidence.”


Um, REALLY? This sounds a lot like a crappy book which got a lot of play a few years ago. I am NOT going to give it any credit other than to say that it was spotlighted on a popular TV show, and I believe that it has caused immeasurable damage. I don’t think that unhappiness befalls people because they are not confident and don’t want happiness enough.

Instead, I believe that honesty might be the key to releasing unhappiness. What’s up with the bravest writers being Australian? First Lori at RRSAHM, and now The Miss Ruby. She’s one of my favorite bloggers, because she reveals tremendous honesty and truth in each post. She is unblinking and tough and strong, because she is so vulnerable. That sounds like a paradox, but I think that those who reveal their greatest fears about themselves are the people who understand life the most. They know their souls, they are self-aware, and they humble me.

The Miss Ruby could use a little love right now, so please feel free to go over and give her some virtual hugs.

So, in sum, shove it, stoics.



I AM feeling this song right now, BTW. LOVE!!


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Day 17: Discovering New Music

Left to my own devices, I would stick to my old favorite musical acts (mostly Radiohead, Royksopp, Stereolab, and early Coldplay). We do not have one decent radio station in this town, so I’m not exposed to much new music. I don’t have Sirius or XM or whatever it’s called now. Also, I am old. “There is nothing more pathetic than an aging hipster,” as my Dad likes to say. I don’t want to be one of those.

My brother is young, so it’s acceptable for him to follow new music. He’s introduced me to Grizzly Bear, The Fleet Foxes, Neko Case (I know, she’s been around awhile) and LCD Soundsystem among others. Last week he told me about Deerhunter, and I am loving them right now.

Does growing older mean letting go of the new? So many of our friends stick with what they know, musically speaking. Our iPod playlist (featuring a lot of the bands my brother follows) puzzled our guests at our most recent dinner party. They asked us if we had any “classic rock”, instead. Like Rush. Jeez, are we THAT old!?!

Music is like an anti-depressant sometimes. If I’m in a down mood, a good tune can take me out of the doldrums. But I can only listen to “The Flower From Nowhere” so many times. I’m about to lose any cred I had and admit that nothing cheers me up more than “Imma Be”. (Yes, by The Black Eyed Peas. You can stop laughing now.) Which is “new music”. Or was, two years ago.

If anyone’s reading: Is new music for the young, or can we all enjoy it without worrying about “aging hipster” comments?


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