I am a working mother to twins. I somewhat resemble a giraffe, hence the weird variation on that word as my nom du plume. I also sometimes say obnoxious, pretentious things like nom du plume. I love traveling, reading, pretending to be glamorous, and eating at really fancy restaurants. I have a passion for using stoicism (the real kind) to live the best life.

13 responses to “About

  1. Love your bio, makes me want to know more about you 🙂

  2. I didn’t get your email … 😦 Did you send it to justine.h.levine? gma.il?

  3. This is one of the best “about me” pages that I’ve ever read.

  4. Hey girl, what’s your email? I want to connect with you about something, shoot me a message when you get a chance 🙂 eggceptionalblues@gmail.com

  5. I was a surrogate for my college roommate/best friend. I am adopted and I’ve placed a child for adoption. Ive been married for 17 years, we have two children. This blog speaks to me on so many levels. So happy I found it!

  6. I’ve nominated you for the Beautiful Blogger Award! If you’re interested, follow award rules on my page. If you aren’t into the awards thing, that’s ok, too!

  7. Hmmmm… your bio sounds amazingly like mine, although I’m not a stay-at-homer. I also have twins thanks to science and our niece, who was a gestational carrier for us after years of failed IVF’s and miscarriages. I work almost full time, my husband is a chef/ restaurant owner- we are also “foodies.” I have started to try to write my story as a book, but in the interim am writing a blog of my own. (which I juts started for the NoBloPoMo for November). I’m finding the nightly ritual of writing very cathartic, but haven’t really brought myself to write the “meat” of my story yet. Maybe I’ll start on that tonight… In any case, thanks for this inspiring site, and congrats on your writing successes! And maybe check out my blog, iMags?… 🙂

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  9. Deena

    Hey my name is Deena, I think your story is amazing, and truly inspiring. Please send me your e-mail I’d love to connect with you DeenaSilver1@gmail.com

  10. Hello You have a great blog here..
    Keep writing and enjoy.

  11. Rhiannon Edwards

    Hi there – would love to get in contact with you. Please send me an email rhiannon@creare.co.uk. Excellent blog, I’m sure you’re very proud. 🙂

  12. Anna

    You’re so inspiring!! And beautiful!

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