As the World Burns…

What a week, what a month, what a year.

I don’t want to be silent. Stoicism means taking action. And we need to go further right now than the usual voting and calling of our representatives, congresspeople, etc that I usually push. I’m thinking a lot about my grandmother who had very little money, yet sent small and regular sums to the Freedom Riders. I can’t let her down. Not in this moment, and not ever.

  • Think Global. Donate to the NAACP or bail funds.
  • Act Local. I met with the incredible leader of this organization before as an advocate. She does amazing work in my local community. Every locality has at least one Performing Stars. Find yours, and help out.
  • Read Barack Obama’s words of wisdom. I miss him.
  • Watch this. Most mothers will NEVER have these conversations with our sons.
  • Grumpy Rumblings remains a citadel of weekly actions so we don’t EVER forget. 52 weeks a year, this site promotes progressive actions we all can take. Maggie & Nicole don’t let anything slide, and for that they rock.
  • Patronize Black restaurants. Where we live, Anthony’s Cookies are the best and are our regular treat.
  • Buy from cool Black Creators – a thread.  With not much to look forward to, I AM looking forward to the goods I ordered via this thread, especially the calming candle I ordered from this amazing store.

What else? Please add your actions and suggestions below.

One last note: My suggestions DO NOT include bothering Black friends, asking what to do. They have enough to deal with right now and need our support not nagging.

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One response to “As the World Burns…

  1. Thanks for the link! Though I really don’t think I’m doing enough. :/
    But, something is better than nothing.

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