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For the Love of the Blog, Part Two

I had to share this photo of Darcy, who met his hero Chris Berman. It pretty much made his year. As some wag on Facebook commented, “He seems really engaged.” Heh.

Big round of applause for WordPress: they are listening to us about the commenting! Check it out. Thank you, WordPress. I am impressed. Please add your problems commenting to the thread: they are checking.

I wanted to share Part Two of blog posts which moved me.

From Part One:

Today I was thinking how grateful I am to many bloggers for hitting that “publish now” button. Some of the posts that reverberate in my mind were famous, most weren’t. Some got hundreds of comments but most didn’t. What I realized is that validation, something discussed a lot recently in the blogosphere, isn’t just about the immediate impact of that first rush of page views and comments. It’s also the aftermath, the possibility to move someone even years later, to some emotion.

So without further ado, Part Two.

Apartment Therapy (Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan): Melting the Walls & Opening Up to Love Weekend Meditation. An unexpectedly moving post about walls, physical and otherwise, from a home decor writer. “Unlike in our real house, when we melt our own walls we do not discover that our roof falls in. On the contrary, our entire being opens up to the world again, and the sun comes streaming in.” Love.

Breed ‘Em And Weep: The Big Why. Vivid description of what it’s like to suffer from Bipolar Disorder.

Clay Baboons: “What Not to Say to Someone With an Uncooperative Uterus“. ZOMG: the funny! The wavy frowny line cracks me up, every time. Plus, educational!

Family Building With a Twist: An Open Letter to My Son’s Preschool Teachers. So honest and moving….

Hyperbole and a Half: Depression. Whoa.

Lainey: Yes, I read Lainey 🙂 This was a fascinating look at the way celebrities have influenced mothering and this year’s “mother’s day on steroids.”

Live From the 205: Bookworm. A grandfather imparts a love of reading, via the same leather-bound gold-leafed books my dad gave me, and his granddaughter remembers.

Love That Max: The disturbing results of a quest to educate people not to use the word “retard.”

Miss OhKay: An education about the Democratic Republic of Congo, where Miss E was adopted from. Chilling, informative, unfathomable.

Once a Mother: Tending to Our Wounds tells the story of the “towel baby” and strongly and unforgettably makes the point how important it is to grieve and express yourself.

Pioneer Woman: Ten Important Things I’ve Learned About Blogging. This post is pretty much my blogging manifesto.

Shifty Shadow: The Garden. Achingly poignant analogy about loss.

Suburban Homestead: The Secret Society. Beautifully written piece about, well, you have to read it to find out!

Truth and Cake: What Did You Give Up, To Get What You Got? Tremendous, provoking post about why society expects us to “have it all.”

I hope you enjoy this reading material. I feel like blogging has kind of slowed down in general. Do you agree? Is it the summer doldrums?



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My Article for BlogHer: Is Wordpress Scaring Your Commenters Away?

I wrote an article for BlogHer today inspired by Stumbling Gracefully, about how difficult WordPress is making commenting.

Have you noticed a drop-off in comments since the changes WordPress has made?


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Blogger/Blogspot Users: I Need Your Help!

If you are a blogger using Blogger or Blogspot and you’ve noticed that I’ve not posted on your blog, I’m so sorry. It’s not because I don’t want to.

Turns out, Blogger really doesn’t like my WordPress account. In fact, they get along about as well as Courtney Love and Billy Corgan. Or Courtney Love and a lot of people.

There is a way to fix it, but it has to be done by Blogger users. And I’m sorry to have to ask.

Can y’all add the “Name/URL” option on your comment box? Short of deleting this blog, seems to be my only answer.

Justine (A Half-Baked Life), Hope (Invisible Mother), A Dusty Uterus, and many others: there’s so much I want to say! I miss you guys 😦

Thanks, and please let me know if you have any questions 🙂


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Apologies to My Blogspot Friends, ICLWers

I haven’t been ignoring y’all.  I feel so awful for not commenting on all of your blogs over the last week – especially as it’s ICLW, and there were many blogs, old and new, which I want to comment upon.  There is some sort of problem with my OpenID verification, and WordPress can’t fix it and each time I try to contact Blogger an error message occurs. (I don’t have a Blogger account.)

I want to tell My Dusty Uterus congratulations!  And my OB banned her patients from reading “What to Expect” because it made them anxious.  Also, because she thought it was dumb.

I want to tell Invisible Mother that I know EXACTLY how she feels dealing with isolation.  My type of infertility was different than most people’s too (premature ovarian failure).  I felt alone.  Hugs.

Cooked Heads, I was deeply moved by your post about finding grace.  You are right, about everything.

I want to tell Justine that her lavender shortbread is making me drool.  Yum!

I want to tell Lut C that I am thrilled that her transfer took place!  Wishing you all the best.

I want to tell Rachael that abiding with fear is one of the hardest things in the world to do.  Hugs.

This is just the tip of the Iceberg.  I am so sorry I’m letting you down, my Blogger buddies. You are all awesome.

On a completely selfish note, does anyone know how to resolve this problem?

This guy would be able to solve the problem.


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