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How To Dress: Thanksgiving Week

Burberry Trenchcoat

Fall is a pretty short season in California. It’s often warm in October but usually cool and rainy in November. And then, after Thanksgiving: poof. We’re into the holiday season, with its accompanying Christmas parties, Hanukkah celebrations and my birthday. It’s often below 40 degrees in the morning, but then warmer in the afternoons so layering is the thing right now.

I usually layer with non-bulky items, like thin turtlenecks (silk is a good material for these), scarves around the neck and lots and lots of trenchcoats. Trenchcoats (or peacoats) are the one item of clothing I can’t do without. I collect them, and I wear them in every season due to the fog that is a feature here year-round. Also, a great trenchcoat balances my hips and makes my legs look long. Length is key: for apple figures with small legs (like my mom), a shorter trench that hits the upper thigh is great. Generally, trenchcoats look much better fitted and not oversized, which can overwhelm any figure. Which is my biggest problem with the classic Burberry trenches I’ve always wanted (My dad has had his for over 40 years!) but look crap on me. My obsession is to find one that looks good on me. It hasn’t happened yet.

Also, it’s almost time for a Winter Closet Reorg. I’m leaving for a trip to Italy next week! Eek. I HATE packing but want to look chic and non-tourist-y for our trip to the Eternal City, so I need to prepare. I’ve started to put together outfits, but I also want room in my suitcase for purchases, which I plan to make for family members for the holidays.

This short week, I have several functions to attend: a brunch, Thanksgiving dinner itself and a few meetings. I wanted to get the most use out of my fall-colored items. I also have to prepare for rain.

So here’s my take on the last of fall before we move into the season of sequins, formal outfits and cozy sweaters.

I wore this to meet Project Progeny and Esperanza for a fancy tea in the heart of the city. (Which was a blast! Progeny lives in Columbia, but was in town for a conference.) I’ll be wearing it again to a mother’s brunch tomorrow. Turtleneck: INC. Old. Ikat scarf: Target, this summer. Peacoat: Gap, vintage. Peach skinny cords: Old Navy, new. Rainboots: Hunter, new.

Not pictured: turquoise clutch. Rue De Chic. Black turtleneck, INC, gift. Sweater: Anthropologie, last year. Leggings: H & M, old. Flats: Tods.

I really liked pairing orange and aqua this fall: weird on the surface and not a color combination I would have ever tried before, but it was fun to experiment! Top: Anthropologie, newish. Jeans, Paige, new. Trenchcoat: INC, old. Necklace: gift. Booties: Payless, new.

Important detail of this choice: the cut of the dress is empire waist, which allows me to eat a big meal šŸ˜‰ Dress: Jigsaw, from the UK. Shrug: Banana Republic, old. Wedding pearls. Shoes: Karen Millen, from the UK.

What are you wearing on Thanksgiving? Are you going to dress for comfort or style? (Or both?) Do you have any tips for layering?


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