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Final 2019 Goal Potpourri


I’m finally done mapping out my goals for 2019. Here are the final categories.


I co-own my own business, which I started with a business partner almost two years ago. The biggest advantage of being a business owner is quite a lot is under my control. But obviously there are elements–like the economy for example–that are not.

Because of this, I try to create one career goal that is under my control and one that might be a stretch. One of my goals is revenue related (sort of / not really under my control), and one is a goal that is pretty doable.

I won’t specify my revenue goal here, but for purposes of documentation:

xx Monthly Run Rate by End of 2019

Get one feature story in key trade publication about our business


I want to write in this space regularly, and detail more thoughtfully the value of stoicism. This should take two forms: practical tips on managing the day-to-day and more philosophically, what stoic beliefs are particularly uplifting for women. I think many women are turned off by even the word, yet there are all these key concepts that are so useful!

The other portion is perhaps communicating the values of stoicism via an Instagram account. I don’t love IG, and stopped using it a while back. But I do think it might be a good vehicle for this.

Write on site twice a week, figure out Instagram


I keep up with politics mostly through the New York Times (which I subscribe to), action-oriented sites like Grumpy Rumblings and emails I’ve signed up for. I can’t deal with the 24-hour news cycles. All those THIS JUST IN bulletins make me feel panicky and helpless. I make my calls, send my emails and donate to causes. Last year, I focused my efforts on the Kavanaugh hearing and the mid-term elections.

If I had to name it, the single biggest global issue I care most about is global warming. The messaging around it is so dire, and the impacts threaten us all. This year, I want to focus my political action on making community-wide changes. While we can all recycle and try to use less fossil fuels individually, the truth is we need to enact big changes around the world to make a difference. So I am going to work with climate change organizations.

My focus will be on trash–helping more communities (like my parents community) to get curbside recycling services. 9 out of 10 people would recycle more if it was easier, and household bins taken to the curbside weekly is about as easy as it gets.

Help more communities get curbside recycling services

Phew, that’s it! I am curious: do you have your own recycling (and composting) bins provided by your city or community?

More about my 2019 goals:





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