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Aspirational Vs. Inspirational

Yes, I have a lot to say about Bohemia today.

I read a lot of magazines. I will name them not. But they annoy me. They sell me things I cannot afford and they sell me the notion that the only way to live is to be rich, rich, rich but with the tastes of Bohemia. Also, that women need to be thin, thin, thin.

I don’t subscribe to these magazines. They come to our home, unsolicited. And I throw them across the room after reading about people who had just bought a penthouse, and were surprised to discover a beach home that they just “had to have.”

Today I discovered a quote that explains an actual theory behind this philosophy: it comes from Andy Warhol, and his mission for Interview, a magazine about the high/low differential: the “difference in the classes: the ultra-rich and the ultra-bohemian.”

It’s messed up crap that doesn’t speak to most of America.

So, I live in Marin County. The “high” ones are the anorexic ladies who lunch at the club and flirt with the tennis instructors. The “high” men are the financial wizards or tech-loving outdoorsy people or the landed gentry who come here because it is just too damn beautiful. Us townies who were actually born here and grew up here? Yeah, not so much luck settling here. Most of my childhood friends have moved.

I was reading the NY Times “Vow” section tongue-in-cheek on Sunday at my in-laws. The story was quite gripping until the mention of the bride’s family, who have a “second home” in Bolinas, here in Marin. Bolinas is not only outrageously expensive, it’s incredibly exclusive: Martha Stewart was banned from buying property there.

Why mention that? Why say “second home in Bolinas” when it’s not a necessary detail readers need to know? I asked my MiL about it.

“Oh, my husband and I love to read about these stories. We think we could apply a few of the not expensive details in the story to our events and that makes us happy.”

In other words, the very rich have tastes they learn from the bohemians that the middle class then adapt into their own lives.

I know there is a lot of criticism about lifestyle blogs, but this is the very reason I love them so much. The main tastemakers are fashion-oriented women who can curate their own styles. Like Pandora’s Box or Atlantic Pacific. By following them, we get to bypass the “aspirational” and move straight into “inspirational.”

For example, this outfit was directly inspired by Blonde Salad.

What say you: do you like this movement of relative nobodies suddenly dictating style based on their own talents and instincts, or do you prefer cultural “gatekeepers” to limit style from the higher-ups, like Karl Lagerfield (who cribs from bohemia) directly to the rich, then filtering down to the masses via hip-hop stars, and actresses and H&M? Do you aspire to a wealthy aesthetic? What inspires your style?



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Attention Writers: The Pomegranate Writers Group and the Publishing Pot of Gold

It’s not talked about much, but many of our best female writers are suspected to be fellow infertiles. From Isaak Dinesen to George Eliot, Dorothy Parker to Mary Shelley, who we know had a life-threatening miscarriage and lost her son at the age of three: these great writers were “our people”. They were able to create sustaining works of literature and channel pain into their art.

All you have to do is look through the roster of ALI bloggers to realize that we have some serious talent among us. Three bloggers tower over us all: Mel (the bestselling author!) and Keiko has some top secret project in the works. Calliope has begun work on a memoir about care taking for her grandmother.

These projects are documented. But I suspect there are many others of us who have a few chapters of a thriller or graphic novel, a book of poetry, a children’s book. A cookbook.

I need a greater push into the arena of publishing, and I think others would too.

What if we were to begin a virtual workshop where we critiqued and helped other writers refine their projects into what they are after. I’m happy to play facilitator and match up groups. I’d love it if by the end of the year we could get at least a few finished work with contracts signed.

The more books by the ALI community, the greater the message gets out. Plus, a nice boost of accomplishment for us all wouldn’t go amiss.

So what do you think? Are you interested in writing a book, from the Great American Novel to poetry to genre fiction? Would you welcome a support society? What questions do you have about how the project would work? Just to specify, you don’t need to write about infertility.

So, are you in?!?!? Or is this going to be one of the dreaded zero comment posts?


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