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Things That Are Bugging Me Now, Part Two

– Having to write blog posts on a phone
– The fact that my downstairs is a literal shitstorm
– The unfortunate tendency of Darcy to get the worst songs stuck in his head. He sings them out loud and tortures me. Often.
– He’s had the ever-classy club anthem “Sexy Chick” in his head. FOR TWO YEARS!
– Poverty
– David Guetta
– George Clooney’s date’s dress. Yuck.
– Injustice
– Laundry
– My need to eat. And eat. And eat.
– My lack of desire to work out. Ever.
– The realization I’m turning 40 this year. Boo.
– The popularity of beets. They taste like feet.

What’s bugging you?



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Words, Words, Words

Words to describe this week: sad, destructive, shocking, frustrating, smelly, gross, exhausting. As Rachel said: “Can this week be over?” I concur.

Next week is another week.

Happy Birthday Mom! You are the best mother ever and I try to be 50% as rad as you are every day. I usually fail.


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Grouchiness and Reciprocity

A week ago, I took a road trip for a friend’s birthday. I’m a boring old lady and have no interest in going to Da Club these days, or whatever the kids are calling it. But I went to a dance club to honor my friend. I tried to have fun, I did. But I didn’t want to drink and I didn’t really like the music. Have you ever seen that HIMYM episode when Ted notes that all club music sounds like this: “DOUCHE! DOUCHE! DOUCHE!” Exactly.

Anyway, one of the members of the party danced a bit too exuberantly, and elbowed me in the tooth. It hurt so much that I was really worried my tooth was chipped. So I went to the poorly
lit bathroom, but it looked fine. I promptly forgot about it.

This shows you how much I pay to my appearance: today I was brushing my teeth and noticed that my tooth is INDEED CHIPPED! You can’t tell unless you look close. BUT IT MADE ME SO MAD!!!

I realize that the reason it made me mad is I feel almost everything I do is for other people. Most of the time I’m cool with that and happy to be of service. But it also makes me crabby sometimes, especially when I don’t get to do anything for myself. Sometimes, I feel depleted.

So this morning Mel posted this, and I realized: my problem with blog comments is so petty and dumb, but I think it’s a larger symptom of feeling depleted. Blogging is the one thing I do for myself, so maybe I’m extending my issues with reciprocity personally on there.

Anyway, I’m a work in progress. Hopefully I’ll get to that Namaste place soon.


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Valentine’s Day, Ugh

I really didn’t think I would have anything to add to the common litany of complaints and descriptions used to characterize this invented holiday.

When I was single, I detested it.

My first Valentine’s Day with Darcy exploded in a nuclear bomb so huge I thought for sure that was the end. He informed me he was not ready to get married. I informed him of where the door was, because I was going to need to get married. At some stage.

We compromised that he KNEW I wanted to get married, and he would want to at some point in the future, too.

It was a very uncertain time.

Every Valentine’s Day after the first, I would get tense. Valentine’s Day was a reminder of the engagement stories and of our huge fight. I would usually simmer the whole meal, hoping against hope that maybe there might be a proposal? No? Then I’d usually explode over some little thing, like getting a cab instead of taking public transportation or something. It was pretty much the only time we would fight.

After we got married, the issue shifted. Darcy is excellent at commemorating special occasions. My mom said when he proposed it would be something completely insane and over the top, and it was. For my birthday, he has taken me to three star restaurants, Broadway shows (in the front row!), concerts, Paris and Nobu. (I know it’s a restaurant but it’s worth calling out the name.)

Er, I try. I did throw him a surprise birthday party at Trader Vic’s (a restaurant with a lot of family lore and ties) in London and invited friends from Hong Kong who he hadn’t seen in years. I pulled it off because he never even thought I would attempt such a thing. That was definitely my crowning achievement.

Anyway, when faced with such incredible planning and perfectionism, I tend to crumble and not do enough. Like, uh, today, when I went to CVS to get a card and the shelves were literally bare.

Anyway, if these posts by Rachel and Esperanza are anything to go by, I’m not alone with Valentine’s Day being a troublesome holiday.

So I want to devote this video to Rachel and Esperanza, and anyone who struggles with our great Hallmark invention. This movie was not good, but this scene rules.


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What It’s Like Here

Do you read Bloodsigns? She is one of the most talented writers I’ve ever come across. Sometimes after I read her posts, I sit, stupefied, stunned. Esperanza and I joke that many times we just can’t comment on her posts because we don’t want to sully the page with our banal observations.

She had a meme last month that I loved, but I never got my act together to join in. I hope it’s not too late.

She says:

“I am fascinated by life where they are — where all of you are no matter what country — what life is LIKE there…and I thought I’d try to do a picture post trying to capture the essence of this part of the United States… at least for us, this is what it’s like here…”

So. Here’s what it is like in our corner of Northern California at this moment.


We eat a lot of rainbow chard right now.

Sometimes, we go to Dim Sum at Ton Kiang in the City. That’s where Darcy and I had our rehearsal dinner.

Darcy has been experimenting a lot in the kitchen.

This was delicious, like most of the dishes he’s made.


We went on a hike to see the salmon run at Samuel P. Taylor park. They, er, didn’t. At least not while we were there.


For Tu Bishvat, the twins made these “trees” at school.

Every year, MIL makes a Valentine’s Day sweater for the kids. This year’s model, for my son.


My son loves to play minature golf with Darcy.


Remember Copernicus? He has company. He’d like to give us a hug. And eat the marrow out of our bones.


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