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Life From Here

Pam, the amazing writer behind Bloodsigns, is once again hosting her “Life From Here” blog hop. She lives in the Frozen North and has the gorgeous photos to prove it.

I can’t top this:


Credit: PK Bosch

I mean, how fabulous is that?

Here are some images of what life is like here, and apologies for the Instagrams. Our camera’s battery needs to be replaced, but the grainy, blurry pictures seem about right. It’s January and not very vivid here right now.


Winter staple: Crispy Kale with Farro and Coconut. Big thanks go to Heidi Swanson for the introduction to this tasty treat: here’s the recipe.


I’m investigating canning and preserving the plentiful fruits and vegetables the family grows. Plus, I love Smitten Kitchen.


Trying to get the kids outside is a battle. We’re all still sick, although my lung problems are improving. Yay!


New Year, Less Clutter, Part 1


New Year, Less Clutter, Part 2

What’s going on where you live? Join the party by linking to your post in Pam’s comments!


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