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Little Fish Fry: Fashion Edition

My daughter loves clothes. (Shocker, replied no one.) She chooses her own outfits. Lord forbid I suggest anything!

Today she wanted to run into puddles and dodge raindrops. Unfortunately, there were only clouds to be had, but she enjoyed dressing for the occasion anyway.

We’ve gotten a lot of use out of a size 3 raincoat we bought when she was two: we rolled up the sleeves for a long time. Now, the coat is getting too small. Items I buy new for my kids: raingear (which can last a long time), shoes properly fitted, bathing suits, undergarments, socks. That’s about it! I buy a lot on sale and on consignment, and I buy big sizes that they can grow into. The problem with twins? No hand-me-downs šŸ˜¦

In this outfit: Western Chief raincoat, 2010. Horse rainboots, Western Chief, 2011. (Yes, they are on the wrong feet. Yes, she knows. No, she will not change them.) Dress: Janie & Jack, 2010.

Kids clothes: what do you buy new? Do you buy at consignment stores?


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