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Day 41: Book Club

One fun thing I’m adding to my life (hopefully) is a book club. My friend has invited me to it, and I hope I fit into it, and it’s not a clique-y nightmare. The book we are assigned is “The God of Small Things” which I read 10 years ago and HATED! I mean, really detested. Like throw across the room hatred.

I’d forgotten the plot so I went back and reread it. I didn’t remember that the book was narrated from the point of view of 8 year old boy/girl twins, so that was of interest.

I still detest the book, that hasn’t changed. What I hate about it is how strident it is. All people are EVIL, SELFISH, except one perfect saintly character. So many terrible things happen in the book but only to make a POINT about HOW EVIL PEOPLE ARE. Meanwhile, the author writes from with the all-knowing impeccably moral voice of someone who never makes mistakes and only delivers social justice. She’s sanctimonious, shrill and totally annoying.

Or am I wrong? I’m afraid to say these criticisms at the book club. What if people liked it?

UPDATE: Everyone else in the book club hated it, too. YAY!

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