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Bloggers Who Ignore Comments

I was listening to an NPR reporter interviewing a famous music producer. He noted that many songs are now coming from obscure writers, because they tweet a producer, the producer listens to a track online, loves it, cuts a deal.

The plus side of Twitter is that it is a very large Algonquin Round Table. One shaped as a pyramid. At the very top of the heap are the celebrities, the famous authors, sports stars, the movie stars. I don’t play on that top level. The second level down is the influential writers, directors, famous mommy bloggers, food writers, design buffs, chefs, wits, and just all around excellent masters of the art of the sharp, concise, terse yet powerful tweet. A lot of us play around with this level, and rarely get responded to. But if you do, it makes your day. If you don’t get a response, oh well. Then, there are all of the people who you follow based on your interests or blogging connections. These buddies are on your level. They are your peers, your friends. They commiserate on unique problems you may face (like infertility) or share your interest (*cough* obsession) with “Sherlock” or “Game of Thrones.” I admit that I sometimes feel like a loser when certain people I admire on twitter don’t respond to my tweets. But that’s unusual.

Blogging is different. I rarely comment on “the big blogs” unless I feel I have something unique and special to add to the discussion. Some of those blogs get hundreds or thousands of comments all with people saying the same thing over and over. But, then there are my bloggy friends, whose blogs I try to comment on as much as I can. Those blogs I have a special connection to (either because of interests or just friendship), and I comment often on them. Then there are other blogs, which I don’t comment as frequently on, but monitor and read and value.

Then there are the two or three smaller blogs that I really enjoy, whose posts always make me think differently about some issue. Sometimes I will spend 30 minutes working on a response, but the blogger either never responds to my comments nor do they comment on my own blog. I always wonder about them. Have I said something to offend them? Do they not appreciate comments? Do they not want discussion? None of these blogs get very many comments. And it makes me wonder if comments are, indeed, necessary to everyone?

To me, every comment is like a sparkling jewel. All of them make me think, and they all make me feel connected in a great sense to the world. I do try to either respond to comments or comment on people’s blogs who comment. Sometimes, I probably fail at that, and if so, I’m sorry. Is that what you think should be done? Or are comments superfluous, not necessary to your writing? Regardless of whether the blogger responds, what they have written matters to me and has made an impact. Maybe that’s enough?

What do you think?



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Guts! Glory! And, er…Game of Thrones

I am super excited about The Pomegranate Society and the Publishing Pot of Gold! Yes, I crafted that name so that it would sound like a Harry Potter book. What of it? There are some truly gifted writers (like Keiko from Hannah Wept, Sarah Laughed, Esperanza from Stumbling Gracefully) who are going to contribute. Yay! It’s not too late to sign up, either…there are some more gifted writers that I would like to see join up. (Ahem: Runny Yolk, A Half-Baked Life, Bloodsigns, Cooked Heads. And, you! But, no pressure!)

So, confession time. I have been writing a chick-lit mystery for five years. Yes, five years. It started out as a way to amuse my parents and then my brother. I come from an immediate family of professional writers and they have all been published, except for me. No pressure, right? I have a driving need now to get this sucker finished at the very least. Call it a bucket list item, or whatever. But I really need the pressure of a deadline, and my family suggested joining a critique group. But I didn’t like any of the ones I found and so many of my favorite writers are within this community.

I think it’s true that everyone has a book in them. I think so many of you are incredible writers. So, seriously think about joining.

I had grand plans of writing a chapter a night for my book, (I’m on chapter 20) and then I got sucked into the vortex that is “Game of Thrones”. Have you seen it yet? It is crazy addictive. I knew I might have a problem when Darcy told me he had watched five episodes in a row. He has never watched five episodes of ANY show in a row, except “The Wire”. (Epic but depressing as H-E-double hockey sticks.) So I knew I had to check it out from the beginning while he was away tonight. Cue me riveted to the sofa for three hours. And, scene.

Point? Don’t start watching “Game of Thrones” if you want to get anything done. And, think about joining The Pomegranate Society 🙂


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