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Perfect Moment: An Afternoon Outing, With a Friend

Perfect Moment Monday is about noticing a perfect moment rather than creating one. Perfect moments can be momentous or ordinary or somewhere in between.

I have made a number of friends through blogging, but had not met any in person.  Until today.

Today, I was able to get Darcy to watch the twins while I met up with Bodega Bliss in a nearby town.  It was a beautiful day and we ate lunch outside.  Then we went to a local chocolate specialty store, then shopped at a chic consignment store.  Where I actually bought a dress and Bliss picked out the cutest daffodil yellow shoes for me.  And found a beautiful blouse for herself, and some kick-ass sandals.  She has more style in one finger than I do in my whole body.

We discussed her beautiful, inimitable style (she calls it “romantic pirate”) and mine (wannabe Coco Chanel with trench coats) and many, many other things much more important.

The afternoon underscored the wonderful world of blogging, the connections you can make with like-minded empathetic people who understand you.  And when you meet them, it’s like you’ve never NOT met them.


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Day 46: My Friends, Both In the Internet and On T.V.


Photo credit: By Beleg Langbogen (Own work) GFDL (www.gnu.org/copyleft/fdl.html), via Wikimedia Commons

Thanks so much everyone for the well wishes and offers of help. You make me feel much more supported – and you guys rock. I definitely think I have bronchitis, so it’s off to the doctor for me tomorrow. I’ll keep you posted.

In the distant past, I used to watch the show Friends when I was sick. I know it’s cooler to say that Seinfeld, its biggest contemporary of the day, was the better program, but something about Friends was like eating chicken noodle soup, wearing your most threadbare cardigan and fleeciest sweats and settling into your softest chair. In other words, Friends was the comfort food for my soul.

Tonight, as I lay prostrate on the bed, hearing my lungs rattle with every breath, I knew what I had to do. I downloaded a few of my old favorite episodes from iTunes.


1. A lot of 90s fashion has come back in style. I really hope those ugly mom Levis don’t come back. They flattered NO ONE on the show and those girls had awesome bodies.

2. A lot of the jokes have aged well. The ones about Ross’s monkey did not. I hate Marcel.

3. It was strange to relive the show’s 90s/twentysmething vibe and remember the days when all I thought about was dating, my job, getting my laundry done and clothes.

4. At one time, I definitely identified with Rachel the most. I was the most like her. (Fashion-obsessed, a little spoiled, not super well-adapted for living in the “real world”.)

5. Now, I admire Monica. I imagine her living in Westchester County with her twins in a sparkling clean house, cooking all the time, running the show. She was a tough cookie.

6. How STUPID was the depiction of infertility on that show – and it was addressed surprisingly often! Joey’s participation in a fertility study is ridiculed; Phoebe acts as a surrogate for her brother, has a completely normal and full-term pregnancy with TRIPLETS, delivering them all vaginally!?!; Monica and Chandler are diagnosed with insurmountable infertility in one month, immediately move on to adoption and are quickly matched with a woman who is unaware she’s having twins, the delivery of which is a shock to everyone, doctors included.

Can I get a HELL NO?

But, I must say that the show still makes me feel better when I’m sick. It’s funny, but without that challenging edge I just don’t have a tolerance for when I’m indisposed. (Watching “Curb Your Enthusiasm” or “Larry Sanders”, which I love normally, would just make me feel worse).

So, thanks bloggy friends and other Friends for being “there for me”. It helps more than you know 🙂


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