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London Fashion


Marni storefront, London

First of all, thank you all so much for your well wishes when I was so ill in Berlin. I was literally crying alone in my horrible little hostel room with a fever and the chills and then I heard the ping of messages received and so many of you reassured me that my issues weren’t silly. Thank you. It felt good that I wasn’t alone even though I felt so geographically isolated.

I felt horrible during the entirety of my stay in Berlin. I felt terrible during my flight to London. But something about the familiarity of London provided a feeling of peace and energy and creativity. It always has. It’s the place that feels more like home than even where I live and was born.

I love wandering the streets of Chelsea and Battersea and Knightsbridge and imagining my favorite authors and characters within the confines of such. Around the corner was where Sherlock Holmes chased some nefarious villan, or where Mr. Darcy hunted down Wickham and made him marry Lydia. Or passing Charing Cross Road, I get a chill of excitement that Harry followed Hagrid and entered the magical world of wizards and witches nearby. Supposedly.

What I wore walking around:


Black peacoat: Gap, super old. Scarf: street vendor, Paris. Striped shirt: Old Navy. Mint cords: Old Navy. Bag: Prada.

But I also like to observe the real and present among the same streets. Usually, I like to observe what people are wearing. I remember in 2003 I noticed that many people were wearing ballet flats and skinny jeans. Two years later, those both became ubiquitous in the U.S. This time I noticed that the fashions were remarkably similar to what’s going on here: chambray shirts, stripes, top knots, red lipstick, oxfords, brogues. I was pretty disappointed.

The upside of this was the clothes I brought were actually somewhat on trend, which was a relief because I actually got to attend some glamorous affairs. My favorite thing, ever. It was overly exciting for me 🙂

Right now there is an exhibit in London at the V&A that all of my friends recommended I see: “David Bowie is” which lived up to the hype. First of all, I wasn’t a huge fan of his, and was surprised how many great songs he has. (I didn’t know “Heroes” or “Under Pressure” was his work.) He is a huge influence on Radiohead (my favorite band ever), Lady Gaga, Tilda Swinton (SWINTON!) and Muse. The neatest part of the exhibit was demonstrations of how he engages in the creative process. For example, he employed a guy in Silicon Valley to create a program which amalgamates news headlines into phrases he can then use as prompts to write songs. Cool stuff. He also has wide-ranging intellectual influences like Brecht, the Weimar Republic, the dawning of the space age and NASA.

The exhibit made a big deal about this performance of David Bowie in 1972, for “Starman”: it supposedly blew people’s minds with its weird costumes, personas and androgynous style. Honestly, it seems pretty tame to me, but, whatever.

Anyway, I recommend checking it out for those nearby or visiting. Here’s what I wore:


Dress: Old Navy. Cropped jean jacket: Target. Necklace: Banana Republic. Flats: Old Navy. Purse: Prada.

Later that night I went to two (TWO!) gallery openings. I was extremely nervous because I was going to be around my friend’s very glamorous crowd. I decided to take a risk and wear my jumpsuit. Jumpsuits have a bad reputation, but I felt pretty good in it. Sort of 70s, sort of Bowie.


Stars and moons jumpsuit: Anthropologie. Necklace: Banana Republic.

The super glamorous crowd (in there, somewhere is Graham Norton):


I also broke down and bought the twins some Burberry at Harrods. I know, such a cliche. My daughter was horrified at the colors: “Mommy, brown? REALLY?! Coco would NEVER.”

Well, I always knew she was a fashionista…

Are there any cities or places that make you feel more at home than even where you live?



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