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Upon Jet Lag, Being Among the World and Finally, Bad News

My unexpected trip to Europe was like dropping an Amish person among the “English.” I didn’t realize how isolated and sheltered from the world I have been. I once directed campaigns and events for world players in business and politics. I had actually totally forgotten that part of myself. My friends in London and Europe are tasked with leading parts in managing the debt crisis. Their decisions matter tremendously. It was eerie to be among my peers who are in a sense making history.

To be on my own, making my own business decisions, was, I’m not going to lie, exhilarating. Peers respected me. London feels to me, much more than when I lived there like a major world hub. And I loved being there. Me: the suburban hausfrau. It’s the first time I didn’t feel that way.

I cam back exhausted from jet lag, but in another way refreshed. Until my parents called. My dad has been diagnosed with more cancer and has a big operation on Monday. It’s devastating. The procedure has a good rate of success, but it’s scary. My poor dad, who leads the healthiest lifestyle of anyone I know, has had so many
medical complications in his life. He’s such a wonderful father and grandfather.

So I’m headed out on Friday to be with him (he lives in the South) and it will be the second time the kids will be without me in less than a week.

Oh, life. Would that I could be more like bamboo and blow with these events as they happen as opposed to being the mighty oak: stiff, resistant to changes. Brittle. Broken.



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The New Normal: Awakening

I’m in the middle of watching Salt with my husband.

Why do I always forget Angelina Jolie has boy/girl twins? She would probably end up being the celebrity in Hollywood I would be able to have the most relevant conversation with. Twins moms are a special breed. I know she has six kids, and probably ten nannies, but she was on bedrest. She had terrible morning sickness. She deals with two year old twins, in some way, shape or form. She’s my people.

Likewise, anyone who has dealt with cancer in any way, shape or form. I’m so sorry you’ve gone through this. I’m so sorry I didn’t have meaningful, relevant conversations with you all. You’re my people.


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The “C” Word

…has unfortunately entered my life.

My mom is in town, and startled me with the news that my dad has cancer. He’s been in treatment for almost 5 months. I was wondering why he didn’t join my mom on this visit. (And I was selfishly feeling abandoned). Turns out he can’t be around kids for six months because of the germs.

They kept this news under their hat for more than six MONTHS! They should be spies.

The good news is the treatment appears to be working.

But I am just in total shock.

And I don’t really know what else to say.


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