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Swell! A Pirate Birthday Party

Doing two over the top theme parties with a limited amount of funds has been interesting and frankly completely exhausting. Esperanza took pity on me after I jumped a curb while trying to make for a most memorable birthday EVER and nailed a flat tire. (Because there are the separate party days then the actual birthday, so really three events.) She showed up and kept the kids in stitches.

My son and I went to the party store to set his theme: pirates. His colors were black and red. I tried to make his vision of pirate dreams a reality.

Anchor Cake (Made with my Mom’s Chocolate Cake recipe and Buttercream Frosting)

Pirate Balloon Garland


(Sweater: Gap Kids)



The Pirate Crew

Now if you excuse me, I’ll be napping for the next week.


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