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“Who Could Ask For Anything More?”

I am currently admiring the style and spirit of American women in the 1940s. I could not put down the book “Next To Love,” which was about wives left behind during WWII on the East Coast. And now I’m watching “The War,” the heavy-going Ken Burns documentary. (Which has been a rude awakening. I knew NOTHING about America’s involvement in that war. It’s been an education.)

My grandma was a “Rosie the Riveter” in the 1940s. There were many strong yet stylish females during that time. Like…Ethel Merman?

The kids and I listened to Ethel Merman perform the song “I’ve Got Rhythm” today and my daughter was fascinated. She’s been compared to Ethel since birth, (she has a VOICE) so I guess it’s not too surprising. But she’s been belting out numbers (of her own composition) and screaming “Ladies and GENTLEMEN” in this Merman-esque style ever since.

Meanwhile, here are some looks I am admiring from the 40s.

These shoes and purse from 1944 are actually are IN a museum. And deservedly so.

The classic, heartbreaking goodbye of the soldier and the sweetheart 😦 They both look so beautiful. Sob.

My grandmother probably replied to a similar advertisement.

Strong AND fashionable.

If money were no option, I’d bid on this gorgeous 40s Lanvin dress at Christie’s.

I’d wear it with this vintage emerald and diamond ring.

Is there a decade that inspires you, style-wise and otherwise?


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