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Couple Goals 2019: Trips Away


Any excuse to post this picture, hands down my favorite photo of 2018. 

Last year, my husband and I vowed to do weekly date nights. We tried to do something more exciting than just dinner, so we attended concerts, movies, plays and even a wine-tasting event. We also met friends for dinner on occasion. It was fun.

We make a yearly goal together. When we sat down to think about how 2018 went, we realized that while the date nights were enjoyable, we didn’t really REMEMBER them that well. What we did remember was the few times we traveled alone together.

One weekend the two of us decamped to our local city and played tourist, staying in a nice hotel, eating in fun restaurants and attending the pretty great modern museum. We even went shopping in the fancy downtown area. Even though my husband works in this city every day and I have work meetings there regularly, it felt different to play tourist and actually STAY there.

We also went to Peru for a week without the kids (I wrote about it here). That was definitely a once in a lifetime trip that I honestly didn’t think we’d be able to manage until the kids were out of the house. But we did!

Finally, for my husband’s birthday we went to Chicago for the Laver Cup. Attending a sporting event didn’t sound very interesting to me, but the tennis was genuinely thrilling. Watching world-class players like Roger Federer play their guts out in tense nail-biting matches was one of the most fun things I did in 2018. Who knew? Our seats were all the way at the top, but it didn’t matter, as you could see everything pretty well.

2019 Goal: Go on 4 trips together

We are planning to attend the US Open, since we had so much fun at the Laver Cup. I love New York, so I will take any excuse to go there. We will probably do one local trip, maybe to wine country.

The other two, we’re not sure. Maybe we’ll visit Portland, where my brother lives and neither of us have been. Open to other ideas!

The best part about this goal is my husband is a world-class trip planner. He loves to spend time searching out deals, restaurants and unique places to visit in different cities. He’s an extremely effective maximizer when it comes to booking vacations, which works well for me.

Do you make couple goals? If so, what is your goal for 2019?

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