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Blog Featurette: Keiko Zoll of The Infertility Voice

Me, Esperanza and Keiko Zoll

As part of my NaBloPoMo for July, I thought I’ve do some mini-features on some of my favorite bloggers. You may be following them already, but if you’re not: for your consideration, as those Oscar ads say.

Keiko Zoll wrote the featured post on the3six5 today. the3six5 is a cool blogging project: a different writer is featured each day offering a unique viewpoint.

Keiko came onto my radar when a video she made went viral: “What If?” went on to win awards from Resolve and Wellsphere. “What if?” is an incredible short film describing in poignant detail how infertility effects Keiko and millions of women.

Keiko’s post called “The State of The Uterus” won a BlogHer Voice of the Year for 2012 for OpEd.

She’s written many posts which have blown me away: they blew others away, too. PETA stopped and apologized for that offensive campaign and that Facebook meme was stopped in its tracks. She often is hilarious: this gem, about her many journals from middle and high school, is one of my favorite humor posts, ever.

On the opposing page, I talk about having the ‘flew.’ I seem to remember that was the year most of my school had the ‘flew’ and we actually closed school for a couple of days because so many students and teachers were sick. ‘Don’t give up hope,’ I wrote to myself. ‘I still know my flew will go away.’

I’m lucky enough to have met her in person with Esperanza, and we dished for hours about blogging, books, Silicon Valley, Salem and TJ Maxx. And we laughed our heads off. That was an excellent day.

Keiko’s blogging reminds me that there is power in writing, still. Sometimes a post can stop an offensive ad campaign by PETA. Sometimes a great post can help convince others to stop a terrible public policy from being put into action.

Words matter.

Keiko is offering an eClass on Fertile Living, starting July 8th and there’s a few spots left. Click here to check it out. Keiko’s blog is here.


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