Staying Fit During Covid-19

Like many, I have put on a few pounds like this shelter-in-place began.


We’ve been walking our dog Sally every day, often hiking up the big hills in our neighborhood. These walks usually hit 1.5 or 2 miles. But, I’ve also been cooking and eating more. The fun cocktails I’ve been making aren’t helping either. (We only make and consume one per evening, but there’s lots of sugar in Pina Coladas and Daiquiris. Boo.)

Pina Colada 2

I decided to add a strength training workout to the mix, after reading this post from of a blogger who streaked for 21 days, using an at-home video series. I used to work out at Orange Theory Fitness or the gym, so we don’t have any equipment here and I wanted to get started right away. This left me with not a ton of choices.

After listening to The Dream podcast, I have a fundamental distrust of MLM schemes, so I ruled out the very popular Beachbody video. I looked at our On Demand choices, and noticed I could purchase Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred for $5.99, which seemed like a deal. Having never watched The Biggest Loser, I didn’t much about Jillian other than what my daughter said. (“She’s very 2010.”) I started the program, and I love it. I’m currently on Day 9, and I have seen real benefits. I have more energy. My anxiety level has gone down, which is awesome. Note: I don’t have weights, so I am using soup cans that weigh 3 pounds each.

(I’ve since read that Jillian Michaels is problematic, which is a real bummer. Maybe they will tackle her someday on “Your Fave is Problematic”.) 

What I like most about this workout is that it’s only 20 minutes long. Admittedly, that 20 minutes is gruuuueeeelllling (particularly the push-ups!) but there is a modified version of almost every exercise you can follow, if you are getting sore. I also feel like Michaels tries to protect users from injury by emphasizing and demonstrating the correct form herself, particularly focusing on people not straining their backs and ankles. Caveat: I’m still in Workout One, which lasts 10 days, so not sure if the rest will promise the same level of safety. I also like that Michaels is around my age. As opposed to a 25 year old who can bounce around like Tigger with no aches and pains, lol.

What Else?

  • My husband and I held a socially distanced cocktail hour with two friends on our patio. We sat far apart (about 13 feet at least) in the outdoors in a particularly well-ventilated area, and chatted in-person for about an hour. It was LOVELY.
  • We’re watching The Last Dance, and I am thoroughly enjoying it, even though I’m not a huge basketball fan. Part of the appeal is returning to the 1990s when anything seemed possible, and we didn’t have to worry about a pandemic or the economy collapsing. Michael Jordan was such an incredible athlete and is a fascinating personality.

I am planning to finish the 30 Day Shred, but if anyone has any other ideas for an exercise routine afterward that requires no equipment, I would appreciate it! 






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4 responses to “Staying Fit During Covid-19

  1. I also distrust MLMs but you can sign up for Beachbody without ever talking to a coach. They have a 30 day free trial for the Beachbody on Demand that I would highly recommend. There are just SO many good workouts! Disclaimer- I do a BB On Demand workout almost every day but I am not a coach nor do I interact with a Coach. There is also Fitness Blender on YouTube (free) and Les Mills also has a free trial.

  2. I use to do/watch a Susan Powter video. I really liked it. She also showed different ways to do the exercises for people with different ability levels. She was always positive and people in her video were of all sizes and ages. Wish I could find it again.

  3. You look pretty good to me too! I have never been one to work out, but dh & I just started walking again, after getting out of the habit since we moved into a condo with construction projects all around us. They’re mostly done, so no excuses now. 😉 We’re nowhere near the mile mark yet, but I managed 20 minutes today (in a fair amount of heat & humidity, even before 10 a.m.) & didn’t feel like I was about to keel over, so there’s that…! 😉 I expect we’ll be able to build up our time & distance over time.

    I know a lot of people are swearing by Yoga With Adriane (sp?).

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