What We Are Cooking

If April 2020 was an object, that object would be Bag. (I’m spending a fair amount of time on the Fug Girls site–bless them and their content–and Bag is a truly hideous Kayne West-gifted Birkin purse that is probably as good a visual symbol for these times as anything else. Is it coincidental that Bag showed its ugly face RIGHT before everything went to hell? Probably not.)

Hopefully May will be better? Here’s a few much nicer things.

  • I loved this story about the couple who got married on their street. We have a similar street in our neighborhood, and some friends who live on that street. It’s part of our route every day with our dog, and it’s nice to talk to friends along the way–with the appropriate social distance, of course. We’re very careful about that.
  • I laughed at this Architectural Digest tour from SNL. I think everyone’s home looks like this right now.

Truthfully, there wasn’t a ton of cooking going on here this week. We received some DoorDash credits, so we put those to use ordering a spinach pesto pizza from our local branch as well as burgers from Shake Shack, per the kids’ request.

Here’s what we did make:

Here are some recipes I want to try in the coming week:

  • Pasta with cauliflower, walnuts and feta We don’t have whole wheat penne or white wine vinegar, but we do have everything else. I think using regular penne will be fine, but not sure what could replace the white wine vinegar? What about a splash of white wine and lemon juice?
  • Rustic Cabbage Soup Via A Half-Baked Life. Justine made this 101 Cookbooks recipe, and it looks delicious.
  • Focaccia This was recommended by a friend who is a master baker. Hopefully our starter will work!
  • Matzo Ball Soup We have dill and matzo meal.
  • White Russian How very Big Lebowski.

What are you cooking?

Stay safe and stay well

xoxo Jjiraffe




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2 responses to “What We Are Cooking

  1. Oh my goodness I just found my blog reader after all these years and you’re still blogging! Hooray! I’m not cooking much that’s terribly exciting but I am getting a lot of mileage out of my instant pot and the Butter Chicken recipe written up in the NYT 😍 Nice to stumble across this here during such weird time.

    • So great to hear from you!! I kind of wish I had an Instant Pot. I see so many recipes that need one of those…glad you are well. And, maybe you can start writing again? 🙂

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