Fun for Friday

I’ll be honest. This week sucked a**.

Luckily, there are some good things that kept me afloat. In addition to stoicism, of course.


Thank the Lord for Netflix. I was literally ordered to bed by my doctor on Tuesday. In between various feverish deliriums, I was able to watch:

  1. Russian Doll–Dark, but GREAT. I can’t get that song “Gotta Get Up” out of my head. If you’ve seen the show, you know why.
  2. Grace & Frankie–When all cylinders are firing, this show is a riot. Not all episodes are winners. But the characters are lovable, particularly Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin and Sam Waterston. (Weird unrelated tidbit–Brianna looks and acts exactly like one of my college friends; I will call her SK. To the point that I am wondering exactly when the actress actually met SK. Because, it’s an impression and it’s freaking me out.)



After decluttering and organizing my closet last year, I realized I had an oversupply of some items (mostly dresses) and some major deficits. Like slacks. I didn’t have any that weren’t under five years old. So I bought two pair online. One is a pair of black pleather leggings. I know what you’re thinking–random!–but my “meeting clients” outfits are classic, with an edgy twist. I also ordered a pair of Boden black twill slacks. We’ll see how they perform. Finally, I ordered a cashmere turtleneck (my office is COLD) and another pair of Uggs, because my work-from-home outfit consists of Uggs, turtleneck, vest and yoga pants, ha! My other Uggs, by the way, are from 2007, and still in good shape.

Go Fund Me

This one is serious. I’ve been amazed to see up close and personal how effective this platform is for helping those in medical need, especially those with insurance gaps. Yay technology, this time!

 Cold Refrigerator Water

I have to drink a lot of water to get rid of this virus, and it’s so much more pleasant from the spout inside the refrigerator. Somehow, cold water tastes better than lukewarm tap water.

My Daughter

You guys, my eleven-year-old daughter woke up early the last few days and made scrambled eggs, toast and waffles for herself and her brother so I could rest. This morning, she made Trader Joe’s chocolate croissants. She proofed them the night before, and glazed them with an egg bath, and got up early to pre-heat the oven, then baked them. I cried.

Any fun things keeping you happy during this cold and dark February?


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