Exercise / Health Goals for 2019


My biggest failure in 2018 was that I vowed to work out 4 times a week and it didn’t happen. Whereas in 2017 I did exercise 3 times a week, I averaged about a workout a week this year. Not great.

This year I am lowering the bar to 2 workouts a week.

We have a local Orange Theory, which I LOVE. But I was only able to get in a workout there twice a week at most, mostly because it is exhausting to me. It also takes so much out of me that I can’t do it on a weekday (I get super drained after the initial high wears off.) I love the way Orange Theory works my whole body and builds muscles in addition to cardio, and my legs and arms look awesome when I do it regularly, but it’s just too hard core for me to pursue as my sole form of exercise. So I will attempt to do one workout a week there.

Running left me frequently injured this year, so that’s a no. Which leaves me with yoga. I don’t like yoga, but I want to try something where I don’t have to leave the house and I am unlikely to get injured.

I’m going to try this YouTuber, who seems like she specializes in helping people who are losers at yoga. Like me!

Exercise goal: Work out twice a week, once with Orange Theory and once with yoga

On the health front, I don’t diet because that doesn’t work for anyone, as we know. My weight is pretty stable, and I’ve settled into this sort of healthy normal zone.

What I want to do more of in 2019 is eat better. The usual: eat more vegetables, consume less sugar. I can’t do the low carb thing because it gives me acid reflux. So, I’m going to try a specific goal.

Health goal: Eat salads 4 times a week, limit chai tea lattes/caffeine treats to one a day (it’s my primary source of sugar).

Do you have any health / exercise goals? Are my goals too safe? I’m sure they are.





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5 responses to “Exercise / Health Goals for 2019

  1. good luck 🙂 have a great year

  2. I did yoga for years and always felt fairly “meh” about it, but I recently found a new studio, and for whatever reason, I now love it. If my body were in better shape, I’d probably do it every day! Maybe keep trying different videos/yoga styles/studios until you find something you like better? I absolutely will not do any form of exercise I don’t like, so it’s important for me to find something I enjoy.

  3. A story in the NYPost says the New Year salad vow led to impossible jams in the salad restaurants and resulting anger by customers using bad language. I predict a surge in Big Mac double-cheese consumption with fries.

  4. I think these are reasonable goals, especially if you haven’t been doing much in the way of exercise. I keep saying I am going to get back to yoga… maybe this year I will finally do it! 😉

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