Sometimes I feel compelled to come back here. Hard to say why, but it’s most likely linked to some nebulous desire to be creative. I can read, star and save links to posts all I like, and I can (and do) craft content for work, but sometimes nothing quite does the job like writing down my own story.

The summer has gone by in a flash. Since I’m still lacking the time to craft a lovely fully baked post, here’s the lazy version. Bullet time!

  • After we decided not to go to Europe (for budgetary reasons) flight prices plummeted. Once we rented our house out on Airbnb, we were able to afford a trip after all. Pro tip – hustling. It pays off.
  • We spent two amazing weeks in the UK and France (mostly in Paris and London). I’ll never forget the twins playing with the children of good friends, who are now also parents, in a crowded museum room.
  • This will go down in family lore as the Summer of Harry Potter. The twins are absolutely obsessed and rarely speak of anything else.
    • We fueled the beast by taking them to the Warner Bros. Harry Potter Experience, where we drank Butterbeer, dueled and saw the sets and movie costumes with a sold-out crew of mostly adults, interestingly.
    • We also visited sites connected to the books and movies (the wobbly bridge, Oxford campus spots which stood in for Hogswarts).
    • Finally, when The Cursed Child came out, I took them to the midnight party at our local bookstore, where again, the crowd mostly consisted of adults.
  • Which brings me to a serious question. Are kids no longer reading Harry Potter? Is it mostly adults who are fans? I mean, I know MY kids are. And they make sure all their friends are reading Harry Potter. But what about other kids?
  • I still maintain the Harry Potter series will be read in 150 years, like Dickens.
  • My daughter decided of her own volition to audition for one of the world’s most exclusive ballet programs. It was a terrifying time as she danced in front of renowned ballet masters with dozens of others. Then we worried she would be crushed by disappointment (the majority of applicants aren’t accepted). Then, she was accepted. Which was also scary. So, now we begin.
  • Work is continually challenging and pushes me to new places. I’m growing and learning.
  • My brother got married in my backyard. And he and his wife created a magical event. It was like being in a fairy garden, with twinkly lights and beautiful flowers.

So, overall a good summer. This post is filled with good times and happiness, but that’s OK. When things are going well, it’s in our power to acknowledge it.

*Yes, I know “busy” isn’t the best word. But it can be an apt description, on occasion.


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10 responses to “Busy*

  1. Sue Fox

    So nice you are back. I’m not a Harry Potter fan but I so enjoy reading your posts. Backed when I worked for your Mom I would read a columnist in the IJ, Beth Ashley, who wrote snippets of her life twice a week. I could not wait to get on the commute bus and savor the articles about her daily life. I feel the same way about your writing. I love entering your world and you write about it so well. Best to you and my former boss, your Mom.

  2. Good summers are the best. Congrats on the ballet, and to your brother!

  3. D

    The first couple of Harry Potter books came out when I was in H.S. I didn’t start reading them until college, and I was so excited when one came out during my study abroad in London! I’m now 34 and can definitely see myself at some point visiting some HP themed park or attraction. It doesn’t seem like it, but the books are now “old” enough that a lot of us have grown up with them! I can hardly believe it! While I’ll probably wait to use my kids as an excuse to head to Florida (closest HP attraction to me, and good to combine with the actual Disney trip), I’m not at all surprised that mostly adults would be visiting this particular brand of attraction! The books hold up! It’s not just child nostalgia, but you can genuinely enjoy them still rereading as an adult. That doesn’t happen too often. And if I lived in Florida and was close to Orlando, I’d probably have already gone!

  4. Always so lovely to hear from you! My nephews are made HP fans! And how amazing is your daughter! Well done.

  5. I loved watching your Europe trip unfold elsewhere. Looked amazing! Congrats to your daughter, too. WOW.

  6. I’ve been visiting blogs I haven’t been to in a while (I haven’t been blogging much myself lately), and blog after blog was either abandoned of had a ‘I’ll no longer be writing here’ message. It’s lovely to see new posts here and see how the twins have grown. Congratulations on your daughter getting into the ballet school. Now the work begins?!

  7. Geochick

    Awesome that your daughter was accepted! Good luck to her.

    Sounds like a fun summer. I’m looking forward to the time when we can take our kids to Europe to visit friends.

    (and I can’t wait to introduce X to Harry Potter in a few years)

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