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Time Management

I had to make the time (ha!) to write this short post, prompted by my own response to Stirrup Queens.

Randi Zuckerberg’s “Pick 3” tweet from almost 5 years ago is apparently making the rounds. And debate is being stirred.


Insert “career” for “company,” and I tend to agree.

Why? It’s probably these factors:

  • Where I live
  • My own career
  • People I know

…that makes me more sympathetic to this argument. I don’t want to break my back just to try to maintain “balance” with all these things – and fail. What’s the point?

We all make choices, and my own career is personally satisfying and allows my family a certain level of security and comfort. I love what I do. That said, data shows my profession is one of the 10 most stressful professions and filled with deadlines, which in turn leads to a pretty tight schedule with few breaks and lunch hours. No, it’s not on par with the presidency or being a firefighter, and no, PR execs aren’t saving the world. But empirically speaking, we really don’t have free time during business hours (8 – 6). We just don’t.

Take away my commute, my time with the twins (dinner, homework, bedtime – 2 hours), time with my husband when he gets home and sleep – and that’s pretty much all I’ve got during the week.

Let me make clear – this isn’t unique to my profession / situation. Others who work in tech, Silicon Valley startups, investment banking, corporate law, etc, etc. also are faced with this type of schedule.

So, “Pick Three” appeals to me. My three right now are career, family and sleep. But don’t forget about the weekends. That’s when I try to pursue the other two, too.

Pick Three – or Do Them All? 




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