Glimmers of Progress

We are officially six months into our remodel, and progress – is not as fast as I would prefer. We still don’t have a working kitchen. I…don’t miss cooking, necessarily, but I miss having a place to go eat food. Right now I get takeout and furtively eat it in my room like some teenager hiding a binge eating session.

I heard an interview with Terri Gross of Fresh Air, and she said she eats out every night for dinner. I would not mind having that life.

Regardless, my days of eating takeout and the occasional meal out are numbered. I guess. It’s hard to imagine this remodel will ever be done, but some day it will be.

There are signs, finally, of actual design decisions we’ve made. And some of them are a bit…out there. Definitely not “pedestrian” as my husband likes to call my default design taste which runs more to Pottery Barn. However, I’m really liking the shape rooms are taking.

We love traveling, and that love has made its way into our decor. Paris is our favorite city, and the place where we got engaged. My husband found a beautiful hand-painted mural of Paris (from an artist on Etsy) and we’ve put it on our laundry room wall. The idea was to play on the term “French Laundry,” but I love it a lot. I know I’ll be much more likely to do a load of underwear and socks when I can see the Eiffel Tower from the laundry room.


Similarly, for the powder room we chose a fun take on a toile. It has a mid-century look to me, which is the age of the house, and reminds me of postcards you would collect from travels.


Our designer found these Hans Wegner inspired wishbone barstools. I love them, and again they fit into the mid-century feel.


Finally, the decision that was the most difficult one to make. We had seen this blue front door on Pinterest – it seemed so welcoming and fun. It indicated that the house you were entering didn’t take itself too seriously. We agonized over the color, with the designer, my mother-in-law and I all agreeing on one shade, which my husband didn’t love. It’s..bold, and he thought it was too Barbados-y and inappropriate in our neighborhood. I think he’s still getting used to it, but I adore it.


The kitchen is a hot mess right now, but I’ll post a photo now to remember the mid-phase as too often my focus is on “before” and “after” but life is never that simple.


I hope you all like it.

Do you think design choices are crucial to representing personality, or do you prefer to live in a blank slate? I lean towards the later, so this process has been interesting. Would love to hear your thoughts.


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2 responses to “Glimmers of Progress

  1. Six months — eeekk! But it looks like you are making progress. I agree with you that blank slates are pretty… blank. I do like to see a little colour and some personal touches, particularly when it comes to trims & furnishings. You don’t want to be too “out there” with choices that, if you want to sell the house, might turn off buyers. I remember going to see one house when we were house hunting… it was a decent house, overall, but it had a BRIGHT PINK MAGENTA carpet. Brand new, too (I would have felt incredibly guilty pulling it all up when it was a perfectly good carpet, quality wise). Needless to say, we didn’t buy that one. 🙂

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