Up in the Air

I am on my way to NYC for work. I am flying and the turbulence is BAD. Additionally my flight was delayed by 6 hours and I’m flying into a flash flood warning. Oh joy.

I sometimes think about A+ for Effort when I fly, because I remember from her Twitter stream that she is an uneasy flier like me, and her tweets about flying always resonated with me. For someone who loves to travel, I sure do hate to fly. I always have to remind myself that there are huge rewards to be had and memories to be made. Plus I bought the pair of the Prada heels I have always wanted for an especially chic meeting. Scary turbulence is worth Prada heels, right? Right?!?

I actually LOVE LOVE LOVE Manhattan. I’m only in town for two days and they are jam-packed with appointments and work. But I love my work. Doing work stuff in Manhattan should be a special treat. So, I just need to get through this flight.

I wish Elon Musk would just invent that loop thing so we wouldn’t have to fly. Hurry up, Elon. While I’m still young…

Other things happening:

– The remodel continues to move at a glacial pace, but our laundry room now has a mural of Paris. It’s a watercolor mural and it’s beautiful. You can click on my Instagram to check it out. I figure I’ll get more laundry done since I can see the Eiffel Tower in there.

– I read the twins the really scary part in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, and I could SPOILERS!!!! barely make it through the “Kill the spare” and the Priori Incantatem portions without bursting into tears. I have put off reading that part to them for weeks, as I just wasn’t sure they were ready. Also, one of my co-workers told me her mother wouldn’t even let her read the books until she was 14, which made me feel like a terrible mother. I don’t think I will read the 5th book for at least a year. My son told me he didn’t think it was too scary, but he wouldn’t want to see the movie yet, as that would “make the scary parts real.” Fair enough. I take some comfort in the fact that scientific studies have proven kids who read Harry Potter are more empathetic and identify with outsiders more, and less with the privileged and aristocracy. I have always deeply believed in the power of J.K. Rowling to inspire good, so it’s nice to see that backed up with data.

– Sports, sports, sports. The twins’ whole life suddenly revolves around sports and activities. My daughter is obsessed with gymnastics, likes ballet and plays softball. She also wants to learn how to sew and design clothes. She has a lot of interests. It’s a challenge to balance everything and make sure she also enjoys being a kid. My son likes tennis, golf, karate, baseball and soccer so far, And he loves coding. So there’s a lot going on, and I worry they might miss out on some passion or skill even still. When the possibilities are endless, it’s hard to narrow the focus.

Anyway, what’s happening with you dear readers? Thoughts on making flights more bearable? When is the right time to read Harry Potter? How to expose your kids to many activities without exhausting them? 


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9 responses to “Up in the Air

  1. I have never read Harry Potter. Couldn’t get into it. But I bawl my eyes out every time I see Goblet of Fire.

    I dislike flying because I enjoy the journey as much as, if not more than, the destination, and there just isn’t much to enjoy about flying. So no tips.

    Have a great time!!

    • Chris

      YAY! I’m so glad to read I’m not the only one (because sometimes it feels that way) who couldn’t get into reading the Harry Potter books. I am an avid, crazy love to read reader and….still. And, I too bawl when I see Goblet of Fire.

      I usually get through flying with good books and lots of medication! LOL I am a terribly nervous flyer and don’t do it too often anymore. We flew all the time when I was a child, and I guess I was great about it then (although very worried about crashes) now the whole process is painful for me due to a nerve disease and that plus my general anxiety over it…drugs and books! Good luck and have fun in Manhattan. And oooh new shoes! 🙂

  2. I bought my nephew the first HP for his 7th birthday this week. He is getting the hang of reading but I thought it would be a great one for his dad to read and somehow I just knew it was the right first real big book he had to read. I also got him a rubix cube. Gotta say boys presents past the baby years so much fun.

  3. We might have to start that. We read Little House in the Big Woods and my animal adoring daughter made it through extremely grafic slaughter descriptions. I think it was harder for me then her because I was worried. Thank you for the idea.

  4. Mel

    I am just like you: love to travel, hate to fly. Hope you had a safe landing and are having a great time in NY.

    I think about the HP/age thing a lot. We just finished the series, and they’re turning 11. It felt right and they were okay with all the twists, but I think it just differs from kid to kid. That said, they aren’t into the movies. They think the movies are scarier than the books.

    We’re now doing Narnia. And it’s our summer of mysteries.

  5. I am exactly like you, I fly because I love to travel, but I hate it. I don’t medicate, but turbulence gets my heart racing. I think as long as the pilot can update why there is turbulence I can manage. Have a wonderful time in Manhattan, I love visiting there! If you like cupcakes, go to Billy’s Bakery, I like their cupcakes better than Magnolia’s.

  6. Yes, as I got older, I came to dislike flying. Once I found out that everything is better in business class, I came to resent the extra fees for legroom, the cramped seats, being stuck in the middle chair, sitting next to people who NEVER get up to stretch their legs or use the bathroom, everything is simply uncomfortable! Turbulence just adds to my misery. But I love travelling!

  7. My stomach clenched just reading the first sentence of this post 🙂 I also love to travel but ugh the flying. I always think of Mel when I’m flying and how she has to sit over the wing.

  8. I’m generally OK about flying, but turbulence is not fun. I suppose that’s what Ativan was invented for? I was flying without dh on a plane last year that got hit by lightning. It was only an hour & a half flight, but I was a little miffed they didn’t offer us alcohol after we got out of the storm zone. Hope you managed to have some fun in Manhattan along with the work, as compensation!

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