Amazing the Room

My dad always said I keep my thoughts to myself unless I think I can amaze a room.

It’s too true.

I’ve written very little this month, and there are several reasons for this. I am hampered by several factors right now, and I’m starting to envy those who blog anonymously. I always want to write authentically, but right now there are only a few things I can discuss without the cloak of vagueness. So why blog at all? I can hear you asking.

I don’t know. I have missed blogging this month. The less I blog, the more pressure I feel to amaze a room with my next post. That’s probably the worst thing about not blogging for me. I get out of the practice of writing, and begin feeling pressure the more I don’t post to ONLY come back if I have something unique, something thought-provoking to say.

Clearly I don’t have anything like that to say today.

Mostly, I just miss everyone. I know I’ve been a terrible commenter, and for that I am sorry. Blogging was always more about community for me. The sense of going to a virtual coffee shop and discussing issues at a roundtable, with smart, opinionated people.

So, since I don’t have anything earth-shattering to say, I’ll ask you guys, oh wise ones, if you are still here at my virtual coffee table. Do YOU have problems when you stop blogging restarting again? Do you feel your next post has to be so amazing that you just give up and don’t post? Would you rather post anonymously?


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17 responses to “Amazing the Room

  1. I do post anonymously . . . I hope. Restarting blogging, yeah it seems the longer i leave it between posts, the faster time accelerates away from me. I don’t class any of my posts as amazing or expect that other people would class it as such . . . Just enjoy writing for the sake of it and for the record. I guess test reduces the pressure somewhat

    • And commenting from phone is a bloody nightmare . . . Can’t edit mistakes after a certain amounts of words . . . Hence not even bothering to try and write posts like this

  2. I don’t worry about being amazing, but the longer I go without posting the harder it gets to pick a topic. Sometimes it’s so hard to decide, to narrow it down, that I hurt can’t start. But other times I get in a groove and posts just flow. The more you do it, the easier it gets.

  3. I ABSOLUTELY would rather post anonymously. I have a not-anonymous blog and I can never think of topics that are appropriate to post there, or I know I would have a better time, and explore the topic more deeply, at my anonymous blog. I find blogging under my real name to be exceedingly restrictive. I don’t really understand how anyone does it.

    As far as waiting between posts, I have never thought that I need to “amaze the room” when I get back. And usually I’m missing blogging so much that I’ll wrote just about anything to start again. I’ve never been away for longer than two weeks though and those breaks have always been on a self-determined basis. They’ve rarely happened organically.

    I have noticed that when I’m gone for a long time, it takes at least as long for my readers/commenters to “return.” For that reason alone I like to keep writing, because I don’t want to lose the community I’ve built up over four years.

    Having said that, sometime I do need to step away and if I were writing under my real name I would need to step away very regularly. So I understand why you’ve taken a break. I’m sorry blogging, and now coming back to blogging, has been so hard right now, when you need it most. 😦

  4. Yes, yes, yes! I’m there right now. Oh, I could write this–no, that’s not *interesting.* Dammit! I’m not anonymous, but no one I know reads my blog, so it feels kind of anonymous.

    But it’s like an epidemic right now; so many of the bloggers I follow are on some kind of hiatus or reduced posting schedule.

  5. Yes, This is why I have inadvertently stopped blogging. I didn’t have anything earthshattering to say for so long that it ended up being a year. Then two. I never meant to stop, but that’s what happened. Boo for me.

  6. I often try to think of something productive and interesting to say, and I just don’t manage it, so I usually quit and write about whatever is real in my life. I blog anonymously but I also write assuming that I’ll be discovered so I have to be appropriately cautious too. It’s a frustrating balance.

  7. I feel pressure for all my posts to be amazing, and of course I don’t think they are. When I go back and read my archives though, I’m pleasantly surprised by what’s there. I am glad to be anonymous even though I keep flirting with opening up to the world. I enjoy your posts, whether they are amazing or not (and usually they are!)

  8. Great post here. I do sometimes wish I could blog anonymously (not a lot of people I know in real life follow my blog…I haven’t announced it on my FB page for that reason). In general, I try not to write anything that could come back and ‘bite me’ – although I’m sure I already have.

    As for not blogging in a while, I def. find it harder to get going again. You sort of lose the rhythm. My ideas come a lot more freely when I’m in the rhythm of writing. But I don’t like to post anything I’m not proud of. I heard another blogger say that if you aren’t proud to put your name on it, then don’t post it. So, that really pushes me to refine my posts enough where I feel like I am putting out quality. It might not amaze the room – but I feel good about it. Not every post…some are just stream of consciousness rants or just short bits ,but I really try to maintain a certain quality of writing I am proud of. Even if I don’t think the topic is so ‘great’ or ‘interesting’ – I try to challenge myself to write in a way that would MAKE IT interesting.

    Great food for thought!

  9. I have had long periods of silence on my blogs; what’s often hard about coming back is that I feel like the things I have to say sound really complainy. And I feel like nobody wants to read that. I do worry about losing my readership too, though. But being a better commenter helps with that too.

  10. I have two “anonymous” blogs- so called because many of my blogging friends know my real name, email. FB, etc. now but it isn’t something which will be pulled up if someone googled my real name. I will go silent on one or the other for a time but I’ve actually not gone completely silent on both for an extended period. Of course I never really worry about being impressive- these are just my thoughts and if someone wants to read them, great…

  11. As someone who used to blog several times a week but now may only get to one post every month or so, I can appreciate how difficult it is to begin writing again after a lull. I don’t feel any need to “wow” or amaze, but I do find myself questioning “why bother” when I consider many topics that I’d like to explore. Many times I just don’t have the time or energy to delve into a thoughtful post, even when I want to write. Or I question whether I’d divulge too much, even with a pseudonym. But sometimes I wonder whether I’d truly add anything to public discourse, would it accomplish anything other than catharsis, is it even worth the effort. And part of that comes from NOT writing for so long.

  12. I’ve found it very hard to blog lately and I do feel a little pressure to post something awesome if it’s going to be my only post for a period of time. But then that pressure gets to be too much, and I usually post something mundane. I’ve sat down to blog quite a bit lately and have clicked away, shrugging. Maybe it’s a bit of ennui. Maybe it’s a bit of what Luna said, wondering if there’s really any point to putting my thoughts out there or if it would make a difference. Sometimes I do wish I blogged anonymously because there are things I do want to talk about but can’t because I’m not ready for “the real world” to know about them.

  13. Mel

    I love that phrase — amaze the room.

    Yes, I think with any form of writing, it is so much harder to get started again after a break. It depends on the type of writing and how long I’ve been on a roll. I find that I can only step away from my book for a day or so and still easily get back into it. With my blog, I could probably do almost a week and be fine. But if I took that week break, I’d need to write again daily for months before I could take a week break again and not have it leave me with writer’s block.

  14. SRB

    I don’t blog under my real name, but everybody who knows me knows about my blog. In many ways, I wish I could post “anonymously” (though, are we ever, truly anonymous?) but I think it would ultimately be negative for me. Posting in the way that I do really forces me to think about what I am writing as anyone that I discuss could very well be reading it. I think that has been useful to me in processing how and what I want to discuss.

    That said, I have felt a real lull lately, both in my writing and what it out there for the last year or so. I have decided to make a big shift in my blog’s focus, and know I will likely lose readers because of it, but maybe make some new connections as well? I don’t know. I am not one to ponder blogging, but man alive, it’s all I’ve been doing lately. Stewing, more accurately. It’s weird.

    I hope you are doing well and finding ways to work through what you need to. XO

  15. Interesting post and topic. I don’t personally think you need to amaze the room, for me that would feel like too much pressure, and then I probably would end up being silent. Why not write what you feel like and enjoy talking about? I have been reading your blog for quite some time and like the different topics you have covered in the past. If someone doesn’t post for a while that’s OK too. If there are things you can’t discuss here for private reasons, I’m sorry to hear that, and hope you can find other outlets for dealing with whatever is going on.

    But of course it also depends what your intentions are with writing and blogging. To get your own thoughts out, to document your life randomly, get support, or reach a certain readership, including being discovered by publishers etc.

  16. I wish, on almost a daily basis, that I blogged anonymously. Mostly because I’ve been burned by being “real” and “honest” about what I want to say and rant about. But, I keep trudging along, and hoping for the best. Which would be to be discovered and offered a book deal. 😉 Not going to happen, but I can’t stop writing, because for me, it is almost as much of a requisite as breathing!

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