My Little Babies Are All Growns Up

(A virtual Dirty Martini with many olives to the first reader to correctly identify the movie my headline references.)

I remember when you were tiny, with rolls of fat on your legs. I remember that any time I took you outside, I felt like the celebrity minder for a famous duo. Never have I been on the receiving end of more attention as when I pushed your City Mini, and I proudly answered most questions (like a good publicist) about you both.


I remember when we worried our third story walk-up with no yard in the city was no place for two active, mercurial, curious toddlers who defeated every attempt at babyproofing amateurs and professionals made. I remember the heartfelt decision to move to the suburbs, where we could give you the outdoorsy, bucoulic childhood we both had. I can remember little of this busy year, and so it is no surprise that I wasn’t even featured in the photo that year.


I remember the year we learned you would share your lives with another sibling. I remember the day those dreams were denied and dashed. I remember I was often melancholy. I am sorry for all of that.


I remember the year you became charming companions, no longer just babies to chase, but little people with important questions and dreams. I remember taxing my brain to answer questions about how rocket ships fly, what the government is, why God is everywhere. I remember your elaborate plays where tragedies occured but somehow everything ended well. I hoped that would always be true in your life.


Tomorrow you will be starting Kindergarten. I love you both so very much. While you will always be my babies, I could not be more proud of who you both are becoming: smart, strong, independent and kind children.


May you florish and grow as you enter the next passage of your lives.

Your loving mother.


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10 responses to “My Little Babies Are All Growns Up

  1. swingers, baby!

    big day ahead. congrats to you all! mixed emotions, I imagine. bittersweetness. xo to you!

  2. This post made my eyes get all pin-pricky. What a wonderful tribute to your beautiful little ones. I know it feels like they are growing up too fast, but remember: They will always be your babies.

  3. What a beautiful and bittersweet post! Thank you for sharing your memories on the eve of this milestone in your son and daughter’s lives.

  4. My daughter started kinder yesterday. She did great. I was kind of a wreck all day. Hugs to you.

  5. You have a beautiful family, amazing to see the twins growing up. Bittersweet…..xoxoxo

  6. Ugh… Such a big change! Thinking of you!!!

    How neat to have all those photos over the years!

  7. Love this!

    Happy kindergarten to you all!

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