How to Dress, Scarf Edition: The European Knot



I love this Little Women Scarf, from Etsy

Thanks everyone for all of the awesome feedback and requests! I’m so excited about answering your questions.

The most popular request by far was: how to tie a scarf. Or, in the words of Miss Ohkay:

“Not in season now, but I can’t figure out scarves. They look bunchy and stupid when I put them on but I like them on others.”

There are many different ways to tie scarves. There are lots of tutorials too, but I find they are unnecessarily complicated. I mean, we don’t need advanced sailing knot lessons to learn how to tie a scarf. AMIRITE?!

The knot I use the most is one I was taught by a French friend. She is one of those effortlessly chic women you always read about. She always wore this particular knot with a scarf under her long winter coat, but I also use it to knot my scarf on a plane to keep warm. She never told me the name of it, so I am going to call it “The European Knot.”

The European Knot looks best with a long scarf. I use either pashminas (Remember those?! I still like mine! I have one in turquoise, black and fuschia.) or two long scarves I have, one a Missoni-esque Pareo from Target (similar here) and the other a Chevron scarf from J. Crew (similar here)

So, let’s begin!

Step 1

Step 1 is easy. Drape the scarf over your shoulders but in front of your neck. Both sides behind your shoulders should be even.

Step 2

Step 2: The back parts of the scarf that are behind you? Cross them in the back around your neck and bring them around so they are in the front. They should still be even.


Step 3: Cross the two ends of the scarf.


Step 4: Tuck one end of the scarf over the part where the scarf crosses.


Step 5: (OPTIONAL) Tie the remaining bit of scarf in a knot.

Voila! The European Knot.

What it looks like:


Under a coat:


Uses: keeps your neck warm in cold weather. MIGHT prevent you from getting sick on a plane. Adds interest and color when the weather is cold…

I hope this is helpful! PS: The best way to avoid a super bunchy look is to use a scarf made out of silk, rayon or cotton. Any questions?

UPDATED!! I added this video for much more clear instructions, I hope! 🙂


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7 responses to “How to Dress, Scarf Edition: The European Knot

  1. Yay! Thanks for sharing this. I have been wearing a lot of light scarves over my maxi dresses to cover my tatas but I’ve had such a hard time tieing them. I’m so excited to have an actual for-real scarf knot to try! Woot!

  2. Cool, thanks for sharing. I love wearing scarves but wasn’t really aware of the different techniques of how to tie them. Got to try this today 🙂

  3. I love this look and wasn’t sure how to do it – perfect time for me!!

  4. Question: What do you do with those pesky labels? How do you get them off without wrecking the scarf?

  5. SRB

    OMFG! Thank. You. I’ve pinned things like “5336784 Ways To Tie a Scarf!” But…I just need ONE way that is EASY!

    Bookmarked for future reference!

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