“How to Dress”: Choose Your Own Adventure!

So, remember when I told you that you have your very own fashionista, dwelling inside of you?

Think about your favorite movie, ever. Think about your favorite heroine in that movie, ever. It’s easy for me to identify mine. It’s Marion Ravenwood, from “Raiders of the Lost Ark.” Is there anyone more badass, more determined to save herself, than Marion? Marion Ravenwood is left in the camp at Tanis by Indiana Jones. What does she decide to do? Rescue herself, using some super cute heels and a beautiful dress. And, a knife and a super serious alcohol tolerance. (Not saying that’s an awesome skill.) But, who didn’t want to be Marion Ravenwood, after spotting her badass in “Raiders?”

Yes, the Harrison Ford in this movie is pretty much the hottest male specimen, like, ever. Right? But, he chooses to hang out with Marion. And why?

Did anyone deserve him more than Marion Ravenwood? Who fought for her own freedom, after Indy said he had to abandon her? Who else could outdrink a whole Nepal population? Who else could survive thousands of snakes? No one. Except Marion Ravenwood.

Anyway, if you are looking for a fashion inspiration: trust me, you have one.

Are you Trinity in “The Matrix”? ? The “Mother of Dragons”? Marion Ravenwood? Are you Uma Thurman, in “Kill Bill?” Are you Winona Ryder, in “Heathers”? Rachel McAdams in “The Notebook?”

You are SOMEONE.



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9 responses to ““How to Dress”: Choose Your Own Adventure!

  1. So, you know how I said I didn’t have a personal fashion style? Per your instructions, Right now I am picturing Dory the fish. Soo… I guess it’s been awhile since I’ve seen an adult movie. I’ll keep thinking!

  2. LOL Deborah!

    Marion Ravenwood has always been one of my heroes, but I didn’t pay any attention to what she wore. Perhaps some of us are just fashion impervious?

  3. Annie Potts in Pretty in Pink. I’ve always loved Iona–she’s a fashion chameleon, she loves her record store, she has an awesome apartment, and she’s an amazing mentor. She’s the coolest adult ever. I’d forgotten who I wanted to be when I grew up. I still do. Thank you for reminding me.

  4. Margot Tenenbaum (minus the heavy eyeliner) 🙂

  5. I am Daenarys Stormborn Targaryan, the mother of dragons. I’m already designing my Halloween costume. It’s going to be epic. Plus she loves maxi dresses too!

  6. You go, Esperanza!

    Um…I fear I am no one. Help me out here.

  7. Ana

    Hmmm. Really don’t know what badass woman I can picture myself as…need to work on this.

  8. Sometimes I’m Julia Roberts, other time Meg Ryan…depends on my mood. I’d LOVE to go Kate Beckinsale in Underworld, but lol, I don’t think I’d fit in those leather or vinyl outfits!

  9. My problem is my style inspirations (Zooey Deschanel, and the girl who plays Scarlett on Nashville) are no where near close to me in body shape, so the stuff I love (I think of it as sort of boho – funky leggings under a colourful sundress) just does not work on a major apple shape.

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