How to Dress: Summer Vacation Fashion

I’m in the process of switching our closets to summer clothes here. It’s HOT.

This year, I’m inspired by prints, greens, lace, blues and hats! Here’s my inspiration board. Yes, I’m a Pinterest dweeb.

I decided to look at the photos from our Mexican vacation to try to figure out the clothes we used the most.

Here’s what worked in the hot weather in Mexico.

1. DO: Maxi Dresses. I had never worn one of these before, but it was perfect for the humidity and staying comfortable. Plus you can dress it up with a cardigan or shrug.


Dress: Vince Camuto. Boy’s shirt: Old Navy. Girl’s Dress: Janie & Jack. Man’s shirt: Banana Republic.

2. DO: Cover the Hell Up. I’m one of those who wears SPF 100, a hat and an SPF shirt when in the sun. My skin is very, very fair. I’m just as paranoid about the twins.


Shirt: Bought for our safari in London. Hat: Hat store in Laguna Beach. Bathing suit: Target. Girl’s bathing suit top and bottom: Land’s End. Girl’s hat: Janie & Jack.

3. Do: Fun Hats. Hats are crucial summer fashion accessories around here. Dress: Old Navy. Hat: Hat store in Laguna Beach. Girl’s straw hat: Gift from MiL. Dress: Old Navy. Boy’s cubano hat: Old Navy. Shirt: Gap. Man’s shirt: Banana Republic.


4. DO: DIY Tye Dye!


5. DO: Keep your hair out of your face.


DON’T: Stay up past 8 PM.


Have you started to switch out your closet with summer clothes? What do you like to wear in the summer?


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5 responses to “How to Dress: Summer Vacation Fashion

  1. I’m a Capri girl myself. It’s never warm enough for anything shorter in SF. I also rely on layers a lot in the summer, because again, it’s SF. I’m getting more into skirts though, when it’s warm enough. I DEF want to brace the maxi dress. Where do you recommend I get one?

  2. Kir Piccini

    I wear skirts and wedges a lot in the summer, or Capris in summer colors (blues, yellows, whites).

    I loved your looks, all of them. That dress in the first picture is gorgeous, I love the colors.

    I have started to swap my closets too…shorts, capris, thinner skirts. 🙂

  3. Um. Tomorrow they are forecasting 1-3 inches of snow. I tend towards Athleta and Rei, title 9. While I was on vacation I had the opportunity to see a family with in-laws from France. The mother-in-law reminded me of my mother-in-law. Capri’s, cute shoes… No athletic gear. I often decide to dress more like a European woman and then I forget and pull out my skort and Nikes.

  4. The sun is shining here but it’s still chilly, so you still need a layer. I look fantastic in a maxi dress, but often have a hard time finding one that fits my two size body (smaller on top, broad shoulders, wide hips). Where did you stay in Mexico? Lots of things for the kids to do?

  5. It’s finally starting to feel like spring around here, although I’m not breaking out the capris & sandals just yet. That’s my favourite summer wear. 🙂 I love wearing sleeveless blouses or T-shirts/tunics with a cardigan on top in the office. I have a couple of sun dresses that I break out whenever the weather gets really hot & humid.

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