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Swell! A Pirate Birthday Party

Doing two over the top theme parties with a limited amount of funds has been interesting and frankly completely exhausting. Esperanza took pity on me after I jumped a curb while trying to make for a most memorable birthday EVER and nailed a flat tire. (Because there are the separate party days then the actual birthday, so really three events.) She showed up and kept the kids in stitches.

My son and I went to the party store to set his theme: pirates. His colors were black and red. I tried to make his vision of pirate dreams a reality.

Anchor Cake (Made with my Mom’s Chocolate Cake recipe and Buttercream Frosting)

Pirate Balloon Garland


(Sweater: Gap Kids)



The Pirate Crew

Now if you excuse me, I’ll be napping for the next week.



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Birthday Party: Gingham, Ponies and Everything Nice

Twin birthdays are tricky. This year, we decided to have separate parties. One down.

Dress: Designer unknown, bought by MiL in Paris this spring. That trip was really good for her closet!

My daughter loves ponies. She chose the plates, cups, and gingham, polka dots and the colors pink and green were her inspirations. It was up to Mom to come up with the goods.

Cakes. God. They continue to be a nemesis. I decided to bake a white layer cake (and honestly, I should have made more than two layers) and used a drop of food color to make one layer pink and one layer green. This was a hit with the guests.

Icing sucks.

My husband gave this book to my daughter for her growing fashion book collection. (Stumbling Gracefully also gifted her with gorgeous books about vintage Parisian fashions today! She fell asleep tonight gripping one of them.) I’m glad I perused Emily Schuman’s book too because THERE WAS A SECTION ON ICING THAT MADE THIS CAKE MUCH BETTER.

You have to set the icing and make a “crumb coat” in order for the icing to stick. I DID NOT KNOW THIS. Now I do. Big props to Emily. She saved the Jaffe cake from looking like this, again.

My client seemed happy with the results. I love her and her brother so very much, and feel so grateful and lucky that they are in my lives, every day. Big thanks to MiL for hosting and helping with everything.

The Hurricane Sandy news is so awful. My heart goes out to all affected. Sending out lots of love to A Half-Baked Life, A Blanket 2 Keep and all the others out there dealing with loss of life, property, power and normalcy.


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Fall Fashion Vision Board: Hollywood Edition

Cher Horowitz: “What’s up, Daddy?”
Mel Horowitz: “What the hell is that?!”
Cher Horowitz: “A dress.”
Mel Horowitiz: “Says who?”
Cher Horowitz: “Calvin Klein.”

I like my Fall Fashion Vision Board, much more conveniently located on Pinterest and not taped and plastered to my closet wall, like my vision walls of yore. But now that November is here and more dressy (and chilly) events are approaching, I’d like to add some classic Hollywood images to inspire upcoming November events.

Once upon a time, I had a salmon mohair sweater with embedded Swarovski crystals. I bought it at Joseph in London and unfortunately it didn’t make the move back to the US. I love the Hollywood heritage of the mohair sweater, an item that bestows innocence yet glamor. Think Betty Elms in Mullholland Dr.

I would love to have a sweater like this to be warm, yet look glamorous at a Thanksgiving dinner. Longer though, a little less snug and with a cute pencil skirt.

I have my eye on this vintage mohair sweater in butterscotch. I may consider sewing on Swarovski crystals for that extra glam look.


We’re getting into the colder weather around here. Coats are tough: some can impart excess bulkiness.

One particularly chic coat suitable for the very city I live near was this gorgeous white coat with the black gloves and turtleneck, from Vertigo. Not super smart for a mom of two pre-schoolers, but gorgeous none the less.

This Valentino coat from the 90s has a similar feel.


Aw, plaid, and CHER! One of my beloved characters of the 90s. I so wanted her computer which picked out her adorable, fierce and super short outfits. (But NEVER anything from Judy’s!)

I love a good plaid skirt, and fall is the best time to wear one.

Here’s a cute and more appropriate skirt length than Cher’s. Vintage Burberry: in fact, I think my mom bought this skirt on her honeymoon in London.

Are there any outfits or styles you love from the movies? Which ones would you love to try?


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