Fashion, Italian Style

We’re going to Rome on Saturday. Just Darcy and I. My parents and in-laws are going to look after the twins.

In preparation, Darcy decided to check out some Italian neo-realist movies: Rome, Open City; La Dolce Vita and The Bicycle Thief.

They were all hella depressing: meaningful, rich in irony, full of absurdism and the struggle of life but My. Goodness. I needed to eat massive amounts of chocolate after watching that trilogy.

Federico Fellini’s wife lost a child at birth and also had a miscarriage. The Fellinis had no more children, and many biographers have noted that the event of Fellini losing his baby was THE defining moment in the development of his worldview. His worldview went on to influence almost all filmmakers after him.

I loved the style of the women characters in the films. From movie stars and heiresses to broke housewives: everyone looked beautiful and dressed in that stylish yet flattering approach to curves that seems to endure in Italy. The costumes of La Dolce Vita were particularly noteworthy, showcasing women from the demi-monde to the respectable to the most glamorous.

I think I’ve stated my admiration of Dolce & Gabbana before. I was poking around my MiL’s costume bin for the kids and discovered the most beautiful dress. I asked her about it and she told me I could have it. It was Darcy’s grandmother’s, circa the early 60s. Darcy’s grandmother was quite fabulous and had many clothes made by her own dressmaker. It reminded me of a photo of a D&G dress I’d been admiring. I didn’t think the dress would fit me (and it was a bit short) but I LOVED it on. I wore it out to an early birthday dinner party. It made me feel great.

I think I’ll bring it to Rome. Why not?


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9 responses to “Fashion, Italian Style

  1. Oooh have a wonderful time! I have been to Italy but never to Rome. My husband loves everything Italian, especially the food. And yes, bring that dress.

  2. What a gorgeous dress! It reminds me of my wedding dress.

    I hope you have a fabulous time in Italy!

  3. Kat

    Have a wonderful trip! The white dress with black tights looks amazing.

  4. You’re going to have those Roman women asking you for fashion advice.

    Enjoy — and I can’t wait to hear about your adventures!

  5. Love the dress! Have a fabulous time in Italy!!!

  6. Hope you are having a fabulous time!! The dress looks AMAZING.

  7. That dress is beautiful on you – I hope you are wearing it to all sorts of fabulous places.

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