Birthday Party: Gingham, Ponies and Everything Nice

Twin birthdays are tricky. This year, we decided to have separate parties. One down.

Dress: Designer unknown, bought by MiL in Paris this spring. That trip was really good for her closet!

My daughter loves ponies. She chose the plates, cups, and gingham, polka dots and the colors pink and green were her inspirations. It was up to Mom to come up with the goods.

Cakes. God. They continue to be a nemesis. I decided to bake a white layer cake (and honestly, I should have made more than two layers) and used a drop of food color to make one layer pink and one layer green. This was a hit with the guests.

Icing sucks.

My husband gave this book to my daughter for her growing fashion book collection. (Stumbling Gracefully also gifted her with gorgeous books about vintage Parisian fashions today! She fell asleep tonight gripping one of them.) I’m glad I perused Emily Schuman’s book too because THERE WAS A SECTION ON ICING THAT MADE THIS CAKE MUCH BETTER.

You have to set the icing and make a “crumb coat” in order for the icing to stick. I DID NOT KNOW THIS. Now I do. Big props to Emily. She saved the Jaffe cake from looking like this, again.

My client seemed happy with the results. I love her and her brother so very much, and feel so grateful and lucky that they are in my lives, every day. Big thanks to MiL for hosting and helping with everything.

The Hurricane Sandy news is so awful. My heart goes out to all affected. Sending out lots of love to A Half-Baked Life, A Blanket 2 Keep and all the others out there dealing with loss of life, property, power and normalcy.


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9 responses to “Birthday Party: Gingham, Ponies and Everything Nice

  1. Love these pictures! Your camera work is awesome these days! And your daughter looks so beautiful and happy. What a successful party! And I’m glad she liked her books. šŸ˜‰

  2. Eye spy a future super model!

  3. She is just precious! That was quite the party! šŸ™‚

  4. Your daughter is adorable! And her fashion sense puts me to shame šŸ™‚ I also had a slight case of PTSD reading about your cake issues, but yes, a crumb coat can work workers. I loved Worth’s designs from an early age and treasure a paper doll book I have of those dresses. I don’t think I ever played with them but only admired them reverently.

  5. Gorgeous job on the decorations, and the cake looks great!

  6. She looks so happy! I’m glad she loved her party. The decorations are great!

  7. Sarah

    She looks so sweet, and love all the decorations!

  8. Lovelovelove all of it! And your daughter is ADORABLE!!

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