Halloween Horrors

The following may have happened this Halloween:

1. The twins MAY have been a bit crabby.

2. I MAY have been a bit crabby.

3. The door MAY have closed during this photo shoot. In the rain. When I didn’t have my keys or my phone or my purse, or worse, the rain gear for the kids.

4. While we waited at our friends house to enjoy a Halloween meal and for Darcy to show up with the keys, it MAY have started to pour down rain.

5. Whilst trick-or-treating, it may have rained so hard that the kids got soaked and begged to turn back without completing their rounds.

All of this is ALLEGED.

I will tell you that once festivities were completed, we all changed into our jammies and cuddled up in bed to watch “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” and “Disney’s Legend of the Headless Horseman.” Which was, by far, the best part of the night.

What did you do this Halloween?



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9 responses to “Halloween Horrors

  1. They look fabulous. Sorry about being locked out. I once locked the keys in the car when we went to the ballet. My hubby was not impressed! But we landed up chatting to one of the moms of the ballerinas which was nice.

  2. Headless Horseman… such a timeless classic. I haven’t thought about that in YEARS! I need to make sure I get that on DVD 🙂 Sorry it was such a rainy Halloween – the twins looked mah-velous. Also – what was your costume? I’m intrigued by the wig and touch of fur on your collar 😉

    Friends of ours rented out a small 12-seater screener theatre in Coolidge Corner. We watched “Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil” (HILARIOUS) and ate pizza and candy corn. It was a good time. Happy belated Halloween!

    Also, random: I have an email to send you about a post idea for your blog that came to me in a dream this morning.

  3. Mel

    So sad! So sad! Halloween rain sucks.

    We went trick-or-treating in a mob of 15 candy-crazed kids. It was a fantastic time. A muddy time post-Sandy, but seriously the most fun I’ve had since college Halloween parties.

  4. The twins look amazing! And so do you.

    Such a bummer about the rain. We had similar issues, resulting in only a handful of trick-or-treaters (that bummed me out).

  5. We also got a little wet – but the kiddo had on a furry costume. It also stopped raining for about half an hour so we got lucky! The twins look adorable! I hope they brought you lots of candy to eat behind their backs!

  6. They look so sweet, despite crabbiness and rain (boo!). Glad the evening ended on a high note!

    I took W out with a group of fellow three year olds, which meant that we ran from house to house without them really understanding what they were supposed to do when someone answered the door. It was more about the running than the trick or treating. Fun, but chaotic.

  7. Aww! It’s so disappointing when it rains on Halloween. But at least you all looked great!

  8. I’m sorry about the alleged suckiness of a portion of the evening, but I love your pictures!

  9. The kids look adorable, even with the pouts. ; ) It was drizzling here, but not too bad. Even so, we only had 55 kids at our door, which is an all-time low for us. We generally get 75-100.

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