Halloween Costume Party

I love Halloween. I love the scary movies (that I watch covering my ears), I love trick-or-treating with the kids, I love dressing up.

Last year, Darcy and I dressed as Mrs. Mia Wallace and Vincent Vega. Before the ahem, later scenes.

Our version:

I LOVE wigs. I don’t have the guts to cut my hair short or dye it, but wigs allow me to experiment with styles. I even cut and style wigs to make them resemble the character or look I’m going for.

The kids have very specific ideas of what they want to be.

Last year, my daughter wanted to be a unicorn. I had to hunt high and low, until I found her costume at Pottery Barn Kids marked down to $20 a few days before the 31st. (Procrastination pays off?) Jack wanted to be a pirate and he especially wanted that iconoclastic pirate tricorne with the skulls and crossbones.

This year, my costume is inspired by vintage 20s style: Darcy’s family preserved some beautiful things from the 1920s and I found a few of them in the great closet reorg. (Clothes and jewelry.) If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll have seen the test run for a school party. (Also, are you on Instagram? Follow me and I’d love to follow you! I’m 2manyfish2fry)

Here are some images inspiring my costume, from the period also inspiring my daughter’s budding hobby as a fashion designer: she is now making clothing (using fabric tape and with me controlling the scissors!). I think I’m going to order her some of my favorite toys of yore (now only on eBay): Fashion Plates.

Zelda Fitzgerald. Tragic 20s heroine, who may have written more of F. Scott’s books than anyone is aware of.

SWOON. If you are looking for eye candy and love clothes, the movie Coco & Igor, about Chanel’s affair with the composer Igor Stravinsky is a must-see. The costumes are so chic and pitch perfect. A fashion lover’s dream.

I loved the dark red lips and nails of the period. The makeup was very dramatic and skillfully applied.

Here’s a preview: more photos to come…

Do you like Halloween? What’s your favorite costume you ever wore? What are you going to be this year?


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9 responses to “Halloween Costume Party

  1. I enjoy Halloween, but I don’t go all out the way some people do. I put a few themed cutouts in my windows & carve & set out a jack o’lantern on my porch and hand out treats to the neighbourhood kids (which I LOVE to do) but that’s about it. I haven’t gone to a party or dressed up in years, & that’s fine with me… I enjoy dressing up to some extent, but I just don’t have the time & energy to put together a fabulous costume every year.

    My favourite Halloween costume memory is when I was in third? year university… my girlfriend came to visit me for the weekend of my residence Halloween dance, and we went shopping & put together our costumes the same day. We decided to be flowers… we wore shorts & T-shirts with green pantihose underneath a big green garbage bag with holes cut out for arms & head, & we made headdresses out of yellow bristol board — a headband thing that tied under the chin, with individual petals, painstakingly cut out & attached to the headband, & stiffened with backing cardboard so they would stand up. Lots of rouge on the cheeks & colour on the eyes. We looked fabulous, if I do say so myself. ; ) The hilarious thing is, once we got to the party, would you believe we ran into two guys dressed as bees?? They made a (ahem) beeline for us & buzzed around all night. (We eventually got tired of them & told them to buzz off, lol.)

  2. P.S. Your costume(s) look fabulous!!

  3. Wordgirl

    I LOVE the costume! What fun! I always WANT to do something but am never quite organized. If G and I had an excuse to go as a couple I think it would be perfect; there’s always next year!

  4. Isn’t that a beautiful era? (The 20s, not Tarantino’s late-90s) I would love to get my hair to wave that way.

    You make a gorgeous Zelda. Just as sharp, too.

  5. Love the costumes! I love Halloween but haven’t dressed up in years. I would love to go to a costume party sometime. I was kind of a zombie geisha one year in college. I always wanted to be scary things: witches, vampires, etc.

  6. You look amazing!

    I was a 20’s flapper when I was in 2nd or 3rd grade. LOVED it, even though I had no idea what I was supposed to be. LOL

    Love your costume this year.

  7. Mel


    I was going to dress up this year but the storm sort of knocked out the desire to do that. But we are trick-or-treating. Maybe I’ll pull something together in time. Or repeat a costume from a few years ago when I went as Penny Chenery Tweedy whom everyone local got in a second and everyone outside of DC who saw my costume said, “who?” She is a local horsewoman who was in the first group of women admitted to the Jockey Club (and her horse won the Triple Crown in 1973). I had left my riding helmet out hence the costume.

  8. We used to dress up. I’m not a big Halloween person, I’d rather decorate the house and give out candy! I always wanted to be those people with the creepiest house on the block.

  9. I love it! My favorite costume was this year’s March hare.

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