“Who Could Ask For Anything More?”

I am currently admiring the style and spirit of American women in the 1940s. I could not put down the book “Next To Love,” which was about wives left behind during WWII on the East Coast. And now I’m watching “The War,” the heavy-going Ken Burns documentary. (Which has been a rude awakening. I knew NOTHING about America’s involvement in that war. It’s been an education.)

My grandma was a “Rosie the Riveter” in the 1940s. There were many strong yet stylish females during that time. Like…Ethel Merman?

The kids and I listened to Ethel Merman perform the song “I’ve Got Rhythm” today and my daughter was fascinated. She’s been compared to Ethel since birth, (she has a VOICE) so I guess it’s not too surprising. But she’s been belting out numbers (of her own composition) and screaming “Ladies and GENTLEMEN” in this Merman-esque style ever since.

Meanwhile, here are some looks I am admiring from the 40s.

These shoes and purse from 1944 are actually are IN a museum. And deservedly so.

The classic, heartbreaking goodbye of the soldier and the sweetheart šŸ˜¦ They both look so beautiful. Sob.

My grandmother probably replied to a similar advertisement.

Strong AND fashionable.

If money were no option, I’d bid on this gorgeous 40s Lanvin dress at Christie’s.

I’d wear it with this vintage emerald and diamond ring.

Is there a decade that inspires you, style-wise and otherwise?



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5 responses to ““Who Could Ask For Anything More?”

  1. My nan was in the land army in London during ww2. When she first came to Australia she was horrified that we didn’t wear stockings when doing our shopping! She didn’t bring lots over with her but she did being amazing scarves and handbags. I love 40s fashion the new look and the red lipstick – I heart red lipstick.

  2. I love the Gilded Age… 1900-1917ish. Fashions and mores weren’t as formal as during the Victorian era, but there was still a feeling of elegance and proper-ness. I know I wouldn’t have been anyone important, at best maybe a kitchen maid for a more wealthy family, but being able to see those dresses and the fine manners would be nice.

    (And yes, you can probably tell that I’m a Downton Abbey freak, but I have always had an affinity for that era)

  3. Sometimes, I like to daydream and pretend I’m Lady Mary Crawley on Downton Abbey. The clothes… my G-d the clothes!

    In all seriousness, for whatever reason, I strongly resonate with the 1930’s. Specifically? Berlin. Before shit got real and Hitler came to power. The fashion, Bauhaus, Django Reinhardt. It’s after flappers were crazy but before the next World War, it’s when things just felt whimsical. Oh, and crazy gorgeous headbands and hats were all the rage. Larry also has an affinity for the 1930’s… sometimes we wonder if we shared a past life together during that time šŸ˜‰

  4. Another Gilded Age fan here! I also love the 20s although I fit the look better when I was skinny in high school. I’m also a bit fan of the Elizabethan period. I’ve always been a sucker for the split-overskirt look.

    I LOVE that ring!

  5. OK, I have to admit, I have a secret fondness for the 1960s… not so much the Mad Men stuff, but the latter half, the hippie era. I was a young girl then & I loved all the peasant blouses with the big sleeves. And the music…!!

    My favourite outift that I vividly remember from that era: an orange miniskirt with a white sleeveless “shell” top and white boots. (Rubber boots, but who cares? I didn’t — I was 6, lol.)

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