Fall Family Fashion Show

The kids and I decided to dress up and take some photos of our fall finery. Darcy played photographer.

Turtleneck: INC. Shrug: Banana Republic, 2006. Skirt: Banana Republic, 2006. Belt: MiL bought in Italy in the 90s, boots: Hunter, new.

Pin: my grandmother’s.

My son took this photo!!

My daughter’s outfit: Dress, Gap Kids. Necklace: unknown. Bracelet: J Crew. Headband: Janie & Jack. Sunglasses: unknown.

My son’s outfit: Pirate kerchief: unknown. Shirt: H&M. Shorts: Gap Kids. Shoes: Crocs.

We had a fun time, and it reminded me that we have only ever taken a family portrait once. And we didn’t love it. Do you invest in formal family portraits?


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13 responses to “Fall Family Fashion Show

  1. Fun! So many great shots and so many great clothes! I especially like your daughter’s dress. 😉

  2. I have the same boots and LOVE them! As for family photos, if I lived closer I would just love to take photos of your fashionable family! In my family we never had any family photos made, professional or otherwise. Actually, the only shots of the four of us we have are from funerals, which is pretty sad! One day, when the Professor and I have our family (because we will have it one way or another!) I will try to have photos made yearly. They don’t have to be professionals, but I want to get us all washed, dressed and in the same place and have a friend snap a few shots just so we have a little momento.

  3. I love your son’s style – and he has the cutest little boy legs ever! I thought that in a prior recent photo as well 🙂

    We take formal photos with a lifestyle photographer. We don’t do the studio thing because it feels frigid to me. We go on location at least once a year to get a portrait taken together. That’s easy to do when you have a new(er) baby and you’re taking milestone photos – but our photog is a great close friend so I think we’ll continue to do this for years to come. This post reminds me that I need to schedule a shoot for November. And so do you!!!!

  4. That looked like fun. I love hunter gumboots!!

  5. You guys are so cute, Jess! I want more of this.

  6. That’s a gorgeous pin. Love the pearls, too — you wear them so well.

    Stunning, all of you..

  7. We’ve never done a family portrait. Sometimes we manage to get in a picture all together, but it’s rare … and often my husband is behind the camera. I love portraits like this … more fun, free, natural … though I know that there are photographers out there who can make them look this way, the act of “doing a photo professional photo shoot” feels like it could be less fun than deciding to do it together. You all look fabulous!

  8. We’ve done 3 rounds of professional photos with Baby X this year. Perhaps a little much, but the photos are fantastic. I love the work the photographer does, it’s natural poses rather than stiff formal posing and the shoots have been pretty fun.

  9. Love the pictures! The boots and the pin are by far my favorite pieces.

    I had pictures taken of me and Finn by a lifestyle photographer as well and love them. I’m definitely going to continue the trend and do it again next year. Love the casual “real life” feeling of lifestyle photographers compared to studio photography.

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  11. Julia Bradbury

    I do like your Hunter Wellingtons they’re such a lovely color, they would look nice with my denim Shorts and thin black Tights.

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