Little Fish Fry: Fashion Edition

My daughter loves clothes. (Shocker, replied no one.) She chooses her own outfits. Lord forbid I suggest anything!

Today she wanted to run into puddles and dodge raindrops. Unfortunately, there were only clouds to be had, but she enjoyed dressing for the occasion anyway.

We’ve gotten a lot of use out of a size 3 raincoat we bought when she was two: we rolled up the sleeves for a long time. Now, the coat is getting too small. Items I buy new for my kids: raingear (which can last a long time), shoes properly fitted, bathing suits, undergarments, socks. That’s about it! I buy a lot on sale and on consignment, and I buy big sizes that they can grow into. The problem with twins? No hand-me-downs šŸ˜¦

In this outfit: Western Chief raincoat, 2010. Horse rainboots, Western Chief, 2011. (Yes, they are on the wrong feet. Yes, she knows. No, she will not change them.) Dress: Janie & Jack, 2010.

Kids clothes: what do you buy new? Do you buy at consignment stores?


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6 responses to “Little Fish Fry: Fashion Edition

  1. Sarah

    I buy a lot at consignment sales and shops, but love to pick up new pieces here and there when I see something special. We have to do new shoes though, cuz Isaac’s feet are extra-wide and require special ordering :).

  2. She’s so cute! Abby loves to play in the rain, too. I can just see them holding hands and jumping in puddles.

    We buy new a season ahead, so right now we’re on the lookout for summer clearance in 3T/4T, and are finally getting to see the cute winter stuff we bought last spring. We pick up shoes in bigger-than-we-need sizes when we see them at thrift stores, because this girl’s feet grow like crazy. A two year old wearing a 7. I tell you, crazy! It’s amazing how much she can grow in the three days she’s away.

  3. I can’t even get over that pink raincoat. Contrast folded sleeves and hem? WITH POLKA DOTS?! I don’t think I can handle this. OMG and galoshes with pull up straps? I’m hyperventilating. ADORBS.

  4. I buy most of Isa’s clothes at Old Navy and I’m lucky that my MIL buys her a ton of cute stuff at Gap (which I could never afford). Now that she has to wear khaki bottoms and navy tops I get a lot of pants at Carter’s, which I don’t really love normally. I also like Target’s Circo brand for cheap play clothes. šŸ™‚

  5. I made the mistake of buying way too many clothes (new) while I was pregnant. I swore my newborn would wear all sorts of cute, snappy outfits but alas, he did not. I bought a full wardrobe up to about 12 months, all new but steeply on sale. My average price per item was under $8 and I only bought at Gap, Gymboree, and Janie and Jack. That was one hell of a great average item price šŸ˜‰ (I’m justifying myself here… if you could not tell!)

    Now – I buy new and consignment. I still won’t buy new at full price unless it’s something I just cannot live without (his spring jacket – which was a mistake because he’s only worn it a few times but still… so cute!). I just discovered consignment shops this past summer and have bought a lot of stuff there. Sweaters, jeans, pants, t-shirts, etc. The problem is that Matthew is getting to the age that there isn’t much in the consignment shops for boys his age, so it’s hard to find stuff. I do buy new when I have to and I like to buy new for jammies, socks, shoes, and onesies. I perfer his jeans to be new but if I find a good pair at consignment, they’re mine!

  6. most of my girls’ clothes are hand-me-downs. they have a LOT of girl cousins, including one whose mom has impeccable taste and the others who had the basics covered. another friend had the most adorable things for Z from her daughter who is J’s age (plus I had given away or sold so much…)

    I also buy and trade a lot at consignment. I don’t think I’ve spent much there though, since I’m always recycling old clothes for new (old) clothes. I was SO bummed to hear that my fave place near you was closing. so sad.

    I’ll fill in the gaps with some new things but mostly bought on sale, maybe off season and size too. I always buy new shoes (though they do have handmedowns), rain gear and underwear.

    such great pix! spending a lot of time on the pinterest?

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