A Fall Style Makeover

My red polka dotted dress, Old Navy

I got a tremendous amount of feedback (for me, anyway) about my post “Playing Dress Up.”

Some of you emailed me and tweeted me, asking which fashion bloggers I followed. A lot of you told me you too were inspired to organize your closet and put together an outfit planner.

For my part, I wore my planned outfits and I have never received so many compliments (since the twins were born, anyway) about my appearance. I even got cat-called today when I walked past a construction site!

Here’s the thing: I LOVED fashion in my teens and twenties. I used to design a vision board that would inform what clothes I would buy and wear each season.

Then I gained weight after infertility treatments and I haven’t been able to return to my desired trim size since the twins have been born. So I thought I didn’t deserve to wear pretty clothes.

You know what? That’s BS. EVERYONE deserves to look nice, and find a style that works for them.

SO, per your requests, here are some of my resources…

Fashion Bloggers I Like:

I adore Atlantic Pacific. She takes risks, she embraces trends yet has an inimitable style all her own. Also, her outfits are FUN. I loved most of all what she wore to the Kentucky Derby.

New on my radar is Tomboy Style. I wouldn’t describe my style as tomboy in general, although I do love flats and button down shirts. But I like the woman-empowering ethos and philosophy here, and I LOVE the profiles of stylish tomboys of the past, like this one of Pat English, a lion tamer in the 40s.

The Blonde Salad is an Italian fashion blogger, and she does have a decidedly continental flair to her outfits that is unique. This is the best outfit I’ve seen this year. I love, love, love everything about it, especially the necklace and boots. Perfection.

Advanced Style is truly inspiring. Ari Cohen is a street scene photographer who finds the most stylish women in NYC: and they all are over 60. I can only dream of being this chic.

Sunglasses, Kate Spade

Vision Boards

I created a Fall Vision Board, for the first time in ages. It’s on Pinterest, and you can check it out here. I am really inspired right now by black and white solids, black and white graphic prints, the color camel, a Coach satchel bag that I bought in the 90s (my first “investment” purchase) that is now lost (sad face), short boots, polka dots and dashes of red and orange here and there. And red lipstick. Lots and lots of red lipstick.

Vintage Coach satchel

Do you pin outfits on Pinterest or plan Vision Boards before you go shopping? How do you plan your clothes shopping? Do you do it around season? AND I’d love to follow you on Pinterest! Let me know in the comments your Pinterest account.


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8 responses to “A Fall Style Makeover

  1. I’ll have to go back to scheduling my days by the hour if you keep giving me stuff to eat up my time!

    Love love love the sunglasses!!

  2. chon

    I heart polka dots and red. I nearly bought a dress yesterday but it was button up a I need a v neck at the moment.

    That bag is gorgeous! My last bag purchase was one off etsy on a blue chevron print I love it!

    I also like lady Melbourne and Michelle’s style file two Melbourne based bloggers!

  3. “I gained weight after infertility treatments and I haven’t been able to return to my desired trim size since the twins have been born. So I thought I didn’t deserve to wear pretty clothes.”

    This is the exact rut I’ve been in! I gained weight from fertility treatments and, sadly, miscarrying twins. The stress of the adoption process was the icing on the cake and I just could not be inspired to buy any new clothes for the size that I didn’t want to be. Your closet overhaul inspired me to do the same. With a few new pieces added to the mix, I’ve been wearing really cute outfits all week. Today, I am feeling very “Joan-esque.” (Joan from MadMen). And, what do you know, I have been really motivated to eat better and work out. Funny how one little boost in confidence can snowball.

  4. I just followed you on Pinterest. I love fashion even though I’m like the opposite of fashionable. I buy all my clothes (mostly) from Ann Taylor Loft so I can mix and match them in a way that hopefully goes together.

  5. justinelevine

    Did you read my post about Freecycle? Because it’s about the opposite of what you’ve done here. 🙂 I’m just not good at fashion … I never have been. I notice when people look good, but I can’t convince myself to dress up for the bus stop and for roughhousing with N. 😉 But I loved my tailored black suits when I was working. I ROCKED those suits.

  6. I am already following you on Pinterest — haven’t been on there lately but will have to head over & take a look! ; ) Love the Old Navy dress!

    I have to admit, I never really plan my clothes shopping (unless I have something like a wedding coming up & decide I need a new dress, or I have a pair of jeans that’s getting pretty worn & decide I should get a new pair, etc.). I just go into shops & if I spot something I like, I try it on & maybe buy it. ; ) If I have something specific in mind, like a new dress for a special occasion or a new coat, I may go to a few shops & try on a few things before making the final decision (which drives dh crazy — men!!).

    My favourite places to shop for clothes are mostly on the lower end of the cost scale — OId Navy & American Eagle (most of their stuff is way too young & skinny for me, but both are great for T-shirts & I love Old Navy’s sweaters too), Gap, and a few Canadian chains — Laura, Cleo, Reitmans, Northern Reflections. J. Crew just opened at the Toronto Eaton Centre and the Limited and Ann Taylor are following shortly — looking forward to checking them out!

  7. Love your board on Pintrest! I am trying really hard on the fashion front since having my kids. I feel a million times better when I dress nicely, and I know my husband finds me more attractive which I think is really important for our marriage. Still trying to figure out what my “mom style” is though…and trying to lose 5 more lbs before shopping too much (although I totally agree with what you say above that everybody deserves to look nice no matter what they weigh…I went out and bought some sexy underwear when I was 25 lbs higher than I wanted to be shortly after I had the twins…such a worthwhile purchase).
    I’m on pintrest @ http://pintrest.com/buttercupkea

  8. Love the Pinterest board! I created an outfit board to pin a few things I like. I’m not brave when it comes to fashion and I feel heavy right now, so it’s hard to believe that I can still look attractive in what I wear.

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