Playing Dress Up

Something that’s making me happy right now is planning my outfits after doing a FULL reorg of my closet. I had purchased some new pieces of clothing for fall, but found some “vintage” pieces (i.e: clothes and shoes I have been hoarding, some even from high school in the 90s!) that work surprisingly well with new items.

I put together a week’s worth of outfits and it has been making pre-school drop-off much more fun. I’m not sure why, but looking cute and feeling put together adds an extra something to my morning. I was feeling bedraggled wearing yoga pants every day.

The denim shirt is from Gap, circa the early 90s!! The peach cords are new, from Old Navy. Flats, new: from Tahari. The necklace is new, from Lucky Brand.

I had totally forgotten about a pair of suede studded Tod loafers that I bought deeply on sale about 6 years ago for my birthday! I love them, but they were hidden from view. So, yeah, I created an outfit around them: guilty 😉 Shirt, Lauren from 2005. Denim skirt: Old Navy, from 2003.

Grey beaded top and cords: Banana Republic, 2010. Scarf (actually a Pareo!) from Target, this summer. Grey flats: Payless Shoe Source.

Top: INC from late 90s? Aqua jeans: Paige Demin, new; necklace: Lucky Brands, new; Shoes: Marc Jacobs, 2010.

Well, I could dream about wearing this on some swanky date night with Darcy, but alas. We don’t have a sitter. Dress: Old Navy, new. Shrug: Banana Republic, 2008. Shoes: Aerosoles, 2006. Pearls: wedding present from my parents.

Do you plan out your outfits in advance? Do you find wearing cute clothes boosts your mood?



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20 responses to “Playing Dress Up

  1. I can’t decide if Tuesday or Thursday is my favorite. There’s nothing wrong with creating around a pair of shoes, I’m guilty of creating an outfit around a nail polish color.

    I mostly plan when shopping, although I do a semi-annual wardrobe overhaul and make new outfits every time. I still have 90s clothes too. And cute clothes definitely make me feel better. Or a bright eyeshadow.

    Now to catch up on the rest of your posts from this week! 🙂

  2. OK you can come to my house and reorganize my closet with planned outfits….I’m a t-shirt and yoga pants kinda girl…nothing as cute or fancy as you have….I’m quite impressed….and jealous of your wardrobe…

  3. Impressive! ; ) There are days when I just throw on whatever I pull out of the closet, but yes, knowing that I look relatively well put together and that my earrings and lipstick complement my outfit perfectly give me confidence. And wearing a new outfit or piece of clothing for the first time is always a bit of a thrill.

  4. Okay, I need to have Mondays and Thursdays shoes in my closet, stat! That is all.

  5. wearing cute clothes definitely boosts my mood; never tried to plan it ahead of time – it’s pretty much all about what I’m in a mood for. When I am in a shitty mood, I grab a t-shirt, jeans ans sneakers and had off to work like that (well, used to, anyway,,, while I still worked).
    Hmmm. Might try the planning thing – something to look forward to, as in “ooooh, can’t wait to wear that polka-dot dress on Thursday!” :))

  6. No I do not plan out my outfits in advance – but I should. But that would require a bunch of new clothes because my clothes are boring and plain (but I like simple). Dressing cute always makes me feel better – ALWAYS!

    And can I just say that you have some super fun shoes! I don’t even get into shoes and I was digging your shoe selection!

  7. I do not pain plan my outfits in advance and I don’t really have many cute ones. I think if I did dress well it would make me happier but I always have so much going on, and clothes don’t interest me as much as other things, so what I wear frequently falls by the wayside. I don’t really have much style so I don’t spend much time cultivating it.

    Fun post! Great clothes!

  8. Super cute outfits! And I love those Tahari shoes! I actually plan outfits every season and strategically arrange my closet. I am ashamed to admit this, but I keep two huge tubs of clothing in the attic that I pull out every season change things out and build new outfits. I also am constantly adding new pieces because, well, sometimes infertility hurts so much that you just have to shop. If I can’t be pregnant I’ll at least look cute 🙂 Glad a little advance planning is helping you feel fabulous and I’m SO HAPPY to know I’m not the only one who loses things for years just to rediscover them!

  9. chon

    Oooh love the red dress! I had a huge clean out recently but tend to donate things so didn’t uncover any treasures!

  10. I had that Gap denim shirt! Brings back memories.

    Yes, wearing cute clothes makes me feel better. I’m glad you have a good lineup ready!

  11. Shelley

    You’ve got some fierce taste in shoes, my friend! Seriously, I want them all. Okay so this post makes me think you’d probably like this iPhone app called Good Looks that lets you not only photograph all your outfits but you can add tags to each photo so you know when you wore it, what level of formality it is, etc. And you can even plan future outfits with the calendar feature that includes a weather forecast! It’s pretty cool! 🙂

  12. Oddly enough I hate pre planning my wardrobe because my mother used to do it for me when I was a school kid. So I only do it when I travel. You have an amazing number of flats! I own one pair. It’s not that I don’t like them, but it’s hard for me to find a pair with decent support and I prefer to wear socks or if it’s hot, then sandals. Your outfits are cute. I wear whatever I can get into these days which would be yoga pants.

    • I have a hard time with shoes too… I have very wide feet & it’s really hard to find shoes that fit (let alone attractive ones). When I do find them, I tend to buy a pair in every colour. ; ) And I don’t do heels any more. ; )

  13. I tend to plan my outfits around how I feel about ironing that morning. 😕 These are all super cute!

  14. I am so bad about clothes. I swear, I have a jacket on almost all the time anyway, so I never think about what I’m wearing underneath it. But I love your Friday outfit! So cute!

  15. Cute outfits! I don’t often plan in advance but I feel soooooo much better if I make an effort. Right now I’m feeling like most of what I have is so dated (except my jeans…gotta love jeans…) and am craving some new things….almost to my post-pregnancy goal weight so think it’s about time to splurge a little. 🙂

  16. I’ve been in stretchy pants and t-shirst (except for work clothes) for the past month. I love your outfits and outfit planning.

  17. I love all the outfits! I try to plan loosely for the week such as, if I wear this dress today, maybe I’ll wear that dress tomorrow which means I can’t wear a certain color on Wednesday b/c that would be 2 days in a row, etc.

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