The Beauty of Life

Oh, boy. This weekend, it kinda blew. Ear infections, tantrums, exhaustion, etc.

I will spare you all the details, because my Mom and some friends made it better.

Amidst the chaos and the difficulties, as always, there was beauty. I struggle to express the beauty I see without feeling like I am sugar-coating life and making it less authentic. But, beauty is always there. It is. And the more I notice it, the better I feel.

We ate that freaking delicious (if wonky) cake all weekend long: it actually tasted better with each day that passed.

We spent one last day at the beach.

Our tree continues its yearly odyssey into winter. Trees losing their leaves? Beautiful, but it is a display of loss. Maybe the finiteness of life makes me enjoy the display. But I blushed with pleasure when our neighbor told us how much they enjoy watching our tree from their living room window. I’m glad something we have brings beauty into someone else’s life.

I’m in PHASE TWO of The You Project. Which is: trying to change each negative thought I have into a positive. At first it was difficult, but today I’m finding it much easier. The more you do it, the more it becomes a pattern.

For example, Jjiraffe’s internal monologue:

“You are letting the twins watch ‘My Little Ponies’ again. Rainbow Dash is not a positive role model. You suck.”

Positive thought insertion:

“You don’t suck. You are only letting them watch that because the preschool has had holidays 33% of the school year so far, and if you don’t do this, no laundry or dishes will get done.”

It works.

I have also been allowing myself to watch Freaks and Geeks as a treat once the twins have gone to bed. By myself. Watching each episode is like a spa treatment. How did that show only last one season?

Finally, I am freaking proud of myself for making that cake. It’s by far the most delicious dessert I have ever baked. And next time, I can double the frosting recipe and it will look as beautiful as it tasted. Practice: whether baking cakes or telling yourself what you need to hear or reminding yourself of the beauty in this world.

Practice Makes Perfect.



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9 responses to “The Beauty of Life

  1. An inspiring post. And an inspiring outlook. Thanks for sharing all if it.

    Freaks and Geeks is an amazing show. It’s a travesty that it only lasted one season. πŸ˜‰

  2. Love the cake and glad you got value out of it. I like your logic with the positive thinking.

  3. What a lovely post – I think that cake looks delicious. I’m getting hungry just looking at it.

  4. I love what you said about recognizing the beauty while not feeling like you’re sugar-coating. The bad is still there. But it’s not dishonest to focus on the good – it’s there, too.

    And that cake is cracking me up! It’s not bad at all, just needs more frosting.

  5. That cake looks gooood!! I also like your negative to positive inner monologue. I try to do that – somedays its just too hard – but its good to try.

  6. justinelevine

    that negative to positive stuff is HARD … kudos to you! And I think your cake looks just fine … in fact, there are a lot of people who don’t bother to frost the sides any more. And yours is a whole lot more level than mine turn out. πŸ˜‰

    I’ve been trying to teach my son about practice. He’s been taking piano for two weeks now and doesn’t understand why he can’t always get it right the first time. Hard lesson to teach, especially because I don’t live it well myself.


  7. Very inspiring! And you know I empathize about the cake πŸ˜‰

  8. Another Freaks & Geeks fan.

    If I ever come visit you, I invite you to practice that cake on me πŸ™‚

  9. I don’t think it’s making life any less authentic, the beauty IS always there.

    I’m glad to hear you’re improving on the negative to positive changes. πŸ™‚ Keep up the good work!

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