Slip Into Something More Comfortable

2002 was the year I got married. In the UK, and specifically within the Ibiza Chill Out scene, a haunting song would often play at the coolest of lounges and clubs in London. It was a song that was incredibly romantic. The violins stirred and reminded me of what my heart heard when I met Darcy for the first time. I contemplated playing this tune as I walked down the aisle, but thought it was a bit racy. So I decided upon “Storybook Love,” the theme from The Princess Bride, one of my favorite movies of all time.

But I memorized the romantic loop of “Slip Into Something More Comfortable” for our Honeymoon: I ingrained it into my head, for there were no iPods, not yet. Specifically, I remembered it for our island getaway to Mnemba, which in my mind IS paradise on earth. While there, we stayed in a beautiful bungalow, and dined by ourselves under the most low-hanging and vivid stars I have ever seen. I actually felt I could stand up and touch the bright constellations. I also scuba dived for the first and probably last time in the Indian Ocean. I remember every moment we were there, every limeade we were brought by our butler. The guy was so aristocratic that WE tended to his every need: I was always asking him what I could get him or what books he would want to read. (All the smartest books I had, I soon found out. He loved Margaret Atwood. Turns out he was in fact a Zanzibar noble.)

When I went through infertility, whether it was transfers or accupuncture treatments or injections, I always replayed the Kinobe loop in my head. I remembered how my low-slung red bikini fit me so gorgeously, I remember wearing sarongs to mealtimes with famous and important people: including the producer of all of the Harry Potter movies. I remember wearing Hermes scarves on my head with my wedding pearls and somehow feeling as badass as a pirate. I had come face-to-face with lions and leopards and green mambas and was unbowed.

It’s hard to remember that girl now. That beautiful, sculpted, optimistic adventurer. Yet, she is here. All I need to do is play Kinobe to call her back into existence.


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6 responses to “Slip Into Something More Comfortable

  1. I’m not the only one thinking about music tonight 😉 It’s amazing how a song can transport you back in time.

    Also, um, your honeymoon sounds wickedly awesome. And I wonder if perhaps you are the relative of a very rich and famous person, lol. You have CONNECTIONS, GIRL.

  2. Wow, that really looks like paradise!

  3. Those are stunning photos!

  4. Those photos are amazing! And The Princess Bride is my favorite movie too (tied with The Royal Tenenbaums)


    Good grief, you have an amazing and exciting history with your handsome Darcy.

  6. Mnemba (and Tanzania/Kenya) is absolutely on my bucket list. We almost went a few years ago, but postponed it. I love that you’ve been there.
    But where’s the photo of you and that red bikini?

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