Funny Stuff, Man?

Humor is so subjective, right?

My sense of humor tends to skew absurd. Like everyone else, I’ll play certain videos from YouTube over and over again for a laugh. If you are curious what I have bookmarked:

Ridiculously Excited Guy Goes Nuts Over a Double Rainbow

Bonus: the Autotuned song about it. “It’s SO intense!”

Kids React to the Nyan Cat

CSI Miami’s Dumb One Liners (hat tip to Esperanza’s partner) YEEEEEAAAAAHHHHH!

Then there is the Regtretsy catalogue (hat tip to Jules)

This Cat Goes To Level Three

Ask Jesus to Tune Your Guitar

Finally, from Pinterest You Are Drunk

Because Apples Get Cold Too!

SO, I bet some of these were amusing to you, some not. Some might even be offensive, for various reasons.

I bring this up because the Jenny Allen piece in The New Yorker really split the crowd. I found it funny when I first read it but many did not. And I understand Pamela’s perspective.

What do you find funny? Are there certain subjects that should be taboo? Or handled more carefully than “I’m a Mom” anyway? And please, feel free to link to things you think are funny on the internet! I could use some new material.


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4 responses to “Funny Stuff, Man?

  1. I thought it was funny too.

    And I love that picture.

    I count on Ian to entertain me with the Internet. He stays up way later than I do, and browses for funny pictures which he saves for me. I think the funniest things to me are made even better when he’s unimpressed. Like this comic

    Time to go check out those videos!

  2. Esperanza

    WOAAAAAAAAAA! (I’m trying to do the CSI: Miami theme song shout but it’s impossible to capture with mere letters. Even capital letters.

    Thanks for sharing the funny stuff with us. I’m not good at finding the funny online. But I’ll ask Ben for some recos and send them your way. Andrew Sullivan’s Mental Health Break has some good stuff. Mi.Vida and my dad share a lot of things from there with me. 😉

  3. Lately I have laughed at,, but it is Weird Al Yankovic who stole my heart as a youngster.

  4. xkcd is the first internet-funny thing that comes to mind for me. Sometimes the technical jokes lose me, but luckily there are entire blogs devoted to explaining them! Which is funny in and of itself. And sometimes the discussions are funny. In the Pianist comic explanation the commenters argue about whether the artist had drawn the piano to the correct scale, because the cartoon was referencing a joke about a twelve-inch pianist, and by their reckoning, the pianist corresponding to the piano in the comic would only have been nine inches tall, which is some people’s books completely destroyed the humour. Which I found funny, because how pedantic can you possibly be about a stick figure cartoon joke?

    The thing is humour is very much a shared experience between the speaker and the audience. It involves a certain level of taboo almost by definition. The trick is to push it far enough but not too far, which means there is really no such thing as a universal joke, because everyone will hear it differently. That said, some types/subjects of humour definitely have a much narrower appeal than others.

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