Fall Is Here

I noticed that my favorite tree in our backyard, a particularly gorgeous Elm, has a few red leaves today.

I love this time of year. I love the way the weather changes, remaining warm but with an edge of crispness. It reminds me of when Darcy and I first fell in love (we met in late August) and he took me to Opera in the Park and we listed to OK Computer a million times while driving to Half Moon Bay.

One thing I love about our neighborhood is that fall really is a season here. The main roads are planted with tall American Elms that change colors in spectacular fashion, a neat trick in California. In fact, the scene in The Godfather where Kay is approached by Michael after he finally returns to America? And she’s teaching at some unspecified New England school with gorgeous fall foliage? That was filmed a mile from here.

Aside: one of the reasons I love The Godfather is how enigmatic it is. Why did Michael marry Apollonia? Why did he forget about poor Diane Keaton or was he just totally in love with Apollonia? Why did he take up where he left off with Kay after he got back? Did he ever explain to her that he married another woman while she was pining away for him and that woman blew up in a car accident? SO MANY QUESTIONS!

My favorite home in our neighborhood is a Cape Cod straight out of Norman Rockwell-ville. At the height of the fall foliage, it looks like this:

Are you happy to see Fall arrive? (If you are in the Northern Hemisphere.) What memories are stirred by seeing the leaves change color for you?



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13 responses to “Fall Is Here

  1. Yes having moved to southern hemisphere with lots of native trees/ferny-types there is no real ‘fall’ (or autumn, as my english sensibilities prefer!) anymore. I miss that changing of colours, deep gold and russets and the crunch of leaves underfoot. Kicking through piles of leaves, conkers, bonfire smells.

  2. I love fall 🙂 When the vines begin to change around here, I suddenly LOVE commuting because the sights are worth every moment on the road. I’m always surprised when people knock on the west coast for not getting to really see the fall colors… they clearly have not experienced northern california during this times. It’s so lovely!

  3. Gorgeous! I’m waiting to see fall really kick in here. We had a crisp day today, so maybe we’re really going to see a turn in the air– that package from Carter’s with the girls’ new fall clothes can’t come soon enough!

    I love The Godfather. Very last scene of the last movie gets me every time, oy.

  4. I love fall, although it does sometimes get me a litlte melancholy (knowing that winter — and year end madness at work — are fast approaching). I am not particularly fond of the heat & humidity here in southern Ontario — but we do have some truly spectacular fall colours.

  5. I have always had those same questions about The Godfather!

    Fall always means we made it through another summer without dying. Bonus points this year because the air conditioners made it too! Crisp will be at least another month, but 80s are just fine and dandy.

  6. Yes! We had our first really fall-ish day yesterday. I got to wear long sleeves all day! The air was so fresh and cool, just lovely!

  7. I am so excited for fall! It’s my fave!

    Just tonight I was telling B how excited I am to turn on the fireplace and decorate for Halloween. I love everything about fall – the jeans, the sweaters, the apple cider, Halloween, the leaves changing, making applesause and apple pies, raclette, fondue… oh yeah – I’m excited!

  8. LOVE Fall! My house is decorated in Fall colors & it just so happens that those are my colors too 🙂 I need to get out my Autumn villages and set them up. Next to Christmas, Halloween is my favorite holiday, and I’m on a quest for pumpkin spice coffee and have had quite a few pumpkin spice lattes in the last few days. It’s seems ironic, but Fall makes me feel alive.

  9. I love fall, too. I love the smell of the leaves, the coolness in the mornings. I don’t particularly have a favorite season; I just get excited by the change at the beginning of each one.

    But I have to say, living about an hour from Cape Cod, it is weird to think about Cape Cod-style houses all the way across the country. 🙂

  10. I’m a spring and summer girl. I get sad at the end of September, knowing that it will be 6 more months before I bare my arms and my toes again 😦

    Your pix are gorgeous, though.

  11. I love fall – I think it’s my favorite season – the colors, the smells, the candy corn…

    I have never seen The Godfather. How is that possible?

  12. I love love this fall photo, absolutely gorgeous!

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