Untapped Potential

Our Very Own Wilderness

There is this small swath of relatively flat, open land on our otherwise very steep hill.

More Greens?

For the longest time, I gazed upon it, feeling overwhelmed with the possibilities.

A Dahlia Garden?

There are so many opportunities for that space: we could grow crops up there. Corn, blueberries, more strawberries, more tomatoes, more greens, grapes. We could raise chickens. We could build a swimming pool. Or most stereotypically, we could install a hot tub up yonder. I would want to put one of the old cool redwood tubs in. The ones so many of my friends had, growing up.

A Tree House?

Each of these projects would cost money and time. Each is a big commitment. Each would exclude the others. The only concept I ever really understood in Econ 101 was opportunity cost. That idea has haunted me ever since. I WAS GOING TO MISS OUT ON SOMETHING IF I CHOSE SOMETHING ELSE! Scary thought, indeed.

So for a long time, I was stumped with what to do there. This is totally a metaphor for my life after my second miscarriage, by the way. (Yeah, I knew you were with me. But sometimes I get a bit Captain Obvious.)

Now, I’m just excited to pursue the project we’ve chosen.

Stay tuned.

Do you have any untapped projects you’ve been intimidated by? What are they, and why?


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3 responses to “Untapped Potential

  1. Untapped potential? scared to move forward? Yup, that would be me… at least in the context of writing. I have a ton of storylines and characters rolling around in my head. I have about a thousand partially filled or empty notebooks. I have a computer with thousands of pictures, but no stories on it. I keep hoping that my ‘someday I will write’ will become ‘today I will write’.

    Looking forward to see what project you decided on.

  2. Looking forward to seeing the project you chose come to life.

  3. I hope the plumbing woes haven’t knocked this out of the realm of feasibility. My husband is the same way about opportunity costs, whereas I’m a total satisficer – just looking for “good enough.” Which also has its downsides.

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